Boeing to add 11 seats to new 737 Max 8 to satisfy the demands of low-cost carriers, charter operators

Boeing will fit its upcoming 737 Max 8 on request with additional emergency exits to enable to plane to carry up to 200 passengers, the company announced today.

The additional capacity comes as an answer to the requests from low-cost carriers such as Ireland’s Ryan Air and charter carriers to increase the capacity of the twin-engine, mid-range planes.

With the existing exit arrangements, the plane is limited to 189 passengers.

To squeeze in the additional passengers, the aerospace company will reduce the room between seats, the seat’s padding and the space devoted to galleys.

The Boeing option of 200 seats comes in answer to rival Airbus’ move to increase the capacity of its A320 aircraft to 189 seats.

Most of the 737 Max 8s will not be equipped with such tight, all-economy seating arrangements when ordered by legacy airlines. Those airlines often install business or premium seat sections which reduce capacity but produce higher, per-ticket revenues.