Tacoma’s IID appoints Bob Dunne to direct sales

Tacoma-based cybersecurity firm IID has announced that Bob Dunne has been appointed vice president of sales.

Dunne joins a handful of other executives hired or promoted earlier this year.

“With the launch of ActiveTrust, and subsequent adoption by dozens of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, IID has experienced dramatic growth,” said the firm’s CEO, Lars Harvey, in a release.

Before joining IID, Dunne was senior vice president of worldwide sales at cybersecurity firm Tripwire, Inc., where he managed a global sales team that quintupled revenues, the company said.

Dunne commented, “I specifically joined IID because we are at a critical point in the Internet’s evolution where the bad guys have become increasingly successful in carrying out cyberattacks due to their sharing of attack methods.”

ActiveTrust, according to the company, “enables businesses and government agencies to confidently exchange threat intelligence and coordinate response between organizations.”