Tacoma-area consumer prices show slight increase since April, report shows

Tacoma-area consumer prices have increased for the third consecutive two-month period, according to a report out Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In May and June, consumer prices in the area have risen 0.4 percent, the bureau said. Not since last December have prices fallen, and then by 0.7 percent.

On an annual basis, prices at the end of June were up 2 percent, down from an annual increase of 2.4 percent recorded in April.

Bottom line: Prices continue to rise, but not as quickly as seen earlier in the year.

By specific categories In May and June this year, compared to March and April, it was cheaper for consumers to eat, drink, clothe themselves and heat their homes.

Driving, dining and shelter, however, cost more.

The cost of groceries fell 1.4 percent during the period while the price of alcoholic beverages iced a 0.7 percent decrease.

The cost of household energy fell 2.2 percent during the two months, with electricity sparking a 1.8 percent downturn and natural gas falling 0.7 percent.

The cost of apparel buttoned a 4.9 percent dip, while the overall cost of medical care was unchanged. Prices related to recreation and education/communication fell 0.4 percent and 0.2 percent respectively.

Motor fuel and restaurant meals rose 4.7 percent and 0.2 percent respectively during the period, while the cost of shelter rose 1.3 percent.