So many waxings give Seattle a top rating among pampered cities

Online business facilitator Groupon is honoring Beauty Week by discovering the “Most Pampered Cities in America.”

The company has ranked 150 cities based on how much residents have spent so far this year on pampering. Conclusions were drawn by mining data from Groupon’s own deals featuring haircuts and coloring, nails, facials, teeth whitening, tanning and other criteria.

And the “Most Pampered City in America” is: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Green Bay?

Yes. The city known for its hard-hitting football team won thanks to strong results in purchases of nail deals (No. 16), hair care (No. 2) and facials (No. 1).

Rounding out the top 10 pampered cities are:

White Plains, N.Y.; Cleveland; Austin, Texas.; Santa Barbara; Stamford, Conn.; Charlotte, N.C.; Mobile, Ala.; Bergen, N.J.; and Omaha.

Groupon also ranked cities in a variety of health, beauty and wellness categories. Santa Barbara had the most massages, making it the “Most Relaxed City.”

Seattle finished No. 1 in waxing and landed in the Top 10 in the categories of sauna, infrared sauna and float-tank sessions.

Among additional No. 1 rankings:

•  Baton Rouge – Teeth whitening

•  Charleston, S.C.– B12 injections

•  Columbus, Ga. – Colon hydrotherapy

•  Daytona Beach, Fla. – Spider-vein removal

•  Las Vegas – Hangover IV therapy

•  San Francisco – Juice cleanse