Gas prices declining slowly in the South Sound

South Sound gasoline prices declined this week to a level not seen since mid-April after hitting a summer high over $4 a gallon in early July.

The average price of a gallon of unleaded regular was $3.83 Wednesday in the Tacoma area. That price is three cents lower than a week earlier and 18 cents below the month-ago average price.

The Wednesday average price was about two cents less than gas sold for a year ago.

If gas prices follow last year’s pattern, the the recent price decline trend will continue until at least mid-November. Last year, average gas prices fell to about $3.20 a gallon in mid-November.

South Sound gasoline prices are about 36 cents above the national average according to The region has higher gas taxes and less competition than states farther east.

In the Tacoma area, seven stations, Costco, five Arco and one Valero station, were selling gas for $3.59 a gallon, the lowest price in the area.

In Olympia, the lowest priced fuel was available for $3.69 a gallon at an Arco station at 7291 Martin Way E.

Costco, 35100 Enchanted Parkway S., was the price leader in Federal Way with unleaded available for $3.67 a gallon.