Latest list: State approval of marijuana-infused snacks and drinks

As of Friday, the State Liquor Control Board had approved products from three Washington firms that manufacture “edibles,” or marijuana-infused foodstuffs.

The approval of a total of 18 items comes under terms of Initiative 502 which require oversight by both the board and the State Department of Agriculture, which conducts inspections of the kitchens where the edibles are produced.

Beyond the three firms already approved, the Department of Agriculture has inspected and passed four more, although products from those manufacturers are pending final approval by the board.

A total of 20 firms are in the approval process at the Department of Agriculture, according to a spokesman, and six are scheduled for inspection the week of Aug. 11.

The three firms currently producing edibles are Mirth Provisions LLC, Db3 Corp., and Green Chiefs LLC.

Among their products:

• Mirth Provisions: Cherry, pomegranate and lemon-ginger soda.

• Db3 Corp: “Zootblast Carpe Diem” cannabis infused tart cherry “shots” in different strengths; two varieties of “Zootdrops” and two varieties of “Nuggets.”

• Green Chiefs: Eight varieties of “Baked Botanicals,” including cookies, brittle, granola, chocolate bars and trail mix.