Average Tacoma gas price at $3.82

Tacoma drivers continue to see area gas prices steadily declining into mid-August.

According to, the average price per gallon of unleaded regular gas in Tacoma was $3.82, 2 cents lower than a week ago and 17 cents below the month-ago average price. Pierce County gas prices are among the lowest in the state but 35 cents higher than the national average, according to the website.

Two gas stations share the lowest price in town at $3.57 of unleaded regular gas at Arco on 5433 S. Orchard St. and Costco on 2219 S. 37th St.

The Arco on 3601 Center St. is $3.57 if the purchaser pays with cash.

Ten years ago, the lowest price for regular fuel in Tacoma was around $1.64 in December of 2004 with steady increases leading up to a sharp spike of $4.36 just four years later, according to

To save fuel, keep your vehicle windows closed when traveling at higher speeds. Open windows at high speeds can decrease the fuel economy up to 10 percent, according to Utilizing cruise control and accelerating or braking slowly can increase the fuel economy up to 20 percent.

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