Tacoma’s second marijuana store set to open Friday morning

Tacoma will see its second retail marijuana outlet Friday morning with the opening of Clear Choice Cannabis at 8001 S. Hosmer St.

Where some retail operations have opened and soon closed because of a lack of processed marijuana, Clear Choice owner Adam Schmidt said Thursday that he has secured sufficient product to remain open beyond the first weekend.

“We’ll be ready whether it’s 20 people of 200 people,” he said. “We’re ready.”

After the 10 a.m. ribbon cutting, customers can expect to select from at least 14 strains of marijuana priced, at the latest estimate, at $17.62 per gram.

To expedite sales, Schmidt said he will staff the opening with two “budtenders” at each point-of-sale, while two other employees will be dedicated to the glassware department.

Meanwhile, Garyn Angel, Magical Butter chief, said Thursday that his Magical Butter bus will be present at the Clear Choice opening.