As for a place to retire, Tacoma hits 97th among 150 largest U.S. cities

Forget Rhode Island and New Jersey. Think Florida and Texas.

The online personal finance network WalletHub has analyzed the 150 largest metropolitan areas in the nation and developed a list of the best, and the worst, places to retire.

The survey looked at five primary criteria: affordability, job prospects, activities, overall quality of life and access and quality of health care.

First in line: Tampa, Fla. followed by Grand Prairie, Texas and Orlando, Fla.

At the bottom: Providence, R.I. just below Newark, N.J. and Philadelphia.

And Tacoma?

The City of Destiny placed 97th, between Des Moines, Iowa, and Charlotte, NC.

Tacoma earned its lowest score for overall quality of life, but came 9th for activities – with activities including nearby opportunities for hiking and fishing, volunteer opportunities and access to golf.

Among the criteria for quality of life, the survey ranked weather, violent crime, property crime, air quality and the percentage of the population over 65.

Seattle, by the way, earned 61st position between Minneapolis and Huntsville, Ala.

Spokane hit 79th between Laredo, Texas, and Chattanooga, Tenn.

Nashville and Memphis saw the lowest adjusted cost of living while New York City and Honolulu saw the highest.

And about those opportunities to bait a hook and cast a line: Forget Philadelphia and Las Vegas. Those two burgs scored lowest in per capita access to fishing facilities.