Magazine subscription scam meets its match with George Reichenderfer

Speaking of scams …

George Reichelderfer of Thurston County reports that neither he nor his wife subscribed to Outside Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, ESPN Magazine, Motor Trend or Men’s Fitness.

His WSECU Visa card, however, did pay for them.

When he discovered the problem, Reichenderfer called a magazine 800-number, which led to another 800-number, and so on until he reached a company that provides subscription labels. The company said it had no control over subscriptions, and offered another 800-number.

“I’ve got magazines coming out of my you-know-where,” he said Tuesday.

Retired from the Air Force and Boeing, he suspects that given the date of the charge and a coincidental trip to Home Depot, there may be a connection to stolen data.

Whatever the cause, he knew what to do. He canceled his Visa card. He reported the scam to the state Attorney General’s Office. He contacted the magazines and canceled the subscriptions.

And he’ll cancel any new ones, should they arrive.