Cell phones inside a theater? While eating dinner at a restaurant? The survey said ...

You’re at the movies, the theater goes dark and the people in front of you pull out their cell phones and begin texting or talking.

Is that OK?

Yes, say 26 percent of persons surveyed by the financial website TheStreet.

Or you’re at dinner. Nearly 30 percent of respondents said go ahead, use your phone to check messages.

Among the results:

•  65 percent said that it is acceptable to use your phone while walking down the street.

•  More men (70 percent) than women (60 percent) agreed with the above.

•  34 percent of respondents said it’s OK to use your phone at the supermarket checkout counter.

•  45 percent of those 18-34 years old agreed with that, while only 19 percent over 65 agreed.

•  19 percent of those questioned said go ahead, use your phone to check messages during a business meeting.

•  48 percent said it’s OK to use your phone at a restaurant if you’re going to share information; 28 percent said it’s fine to check your own messages without sharing.

•  40 percent of those 18-34 said go ahead, check your messages while you eat and don’t bother to share.

•  78 percent of the younger group say it’s OK to use a cell phone while watching TV with others at home; 51 percent of those over 65 agree.

The survey did not ask how people felt about using a cell phone while reading a newspaper. Etiquette-wise, this is acceptable especially if you are using a cell phone in order to read a newspaper.