Washington wireless tax rates highest in the nation

Washington finally beats Nebraska for the No. 1 ranking.

No, not football.

Wireless taxes.

“Wireless consumers continue to face excessive tax burdens when compared to the tax burden on other goods and services purchased in the competitive marketplace,” said the Tax Foundation in a release Wednesday.

In the foundation’s previous report, Nebraska topped the nation – but now, with combined state and local taxes at 18.6 percent, the Evergreen State tops them all.

Nebraska takes second place, at 18.48 percent; New York next, at 17.74 percent; then Florida, at 16.55 percent; and Illinois rounds out the Top 5 at 15.81 percent.

If you add the Universal Service Fund federal levy, add another 5.82 percent to each state’s figures.

Oregon marks the lowest rate, at 1.76 percent for state and local taxes, followed by Nevada, Idaho, Montana and West Virginia.

The national average tax total is 17.05 percent, a figure that comprises federal, state and local taxes and fees.

“Excessive taxes and fees,” said the foundation, “impose a disproportionate burden on low income consumers,” this in light of a study from the Centers for Disease Control finding that more than 56 percent of all poor adults having only wireless service, and nearly 40 percent of all U.S. adults likewise using only wireless.