Valentine’s Day by the numbers: Men outspending women; jewelry sales will outpace earlier years

Love is in the air — either that or it’s pollen from grass and trees getting an early start on spring, what with all this warm weather. And Saturday, as you know, is Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the National Retail Federation and the U.S. Census Bureau, here’s a look at Romance by the Numbers in 2015.

$18.9 billion: Total predicted to be spent by Americans for the holiday.

$142.31: Average amount an American celebrant will spend.

$190.53: What the average man will spend.

$96.58: What the average woman will spend.

53.2 percent: Of Americans will buy candy for a loved one.

$1.7 billion: Total amount to be spent on candy.

21.1 percent: Of celebrants will buy jewelry.

$4.8 billion: Will be spent on jewelry (a new record).

37.8 percent: Of celebrants will buy flowers.

$407,807,220: Total 2014 value of imported freshly cut roses through October.

$1.5 billion: Will be spent on gift cards.

21.2 percent: Of Americans will do something special for a pet.

$5.28: Amount to be spent on the average pet.

29 and 26.6: Median age at first marriage in 2013 for men and women, respectively.

52.7: Overall percentage of people 15 and older who are married in the U.S.

2.1 million: Number of marriages in the U.S. in 2011.

19.2 percent: Of men and women have been married twice.

5.3 percent: Have been married more than twice.