Classic rock lives on at Lacey’s Boomerang Music and Video

Growing up in Raymond, Gary Lippincott, co-owner of Boomerang Music and Video in Lacey, remembers his first connection to popular music.

He had gone shopping in Aberdeen with his mother and bought The Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” his first 45 rpm record.

Things would never be the same. But first a detour.

After studying to become a disc jockey, Lippincott did what every classic rock-loving fan does: He went into banking.

And he did that for years, working in a department that printed bank statements, among other duties, before his job was essentially phased out by changes in technology.

He retired from banking and once again found himself closer to the music, going to work at Boomerang when it was still near Fred Meyer in Lacey.

The previous owner sold the business, but that sale didn’t work out, so Gary and his wife, Laurie, stepped up and bought the business six years ago, just as the economy was falling apart.

They remember the moment, asking themselves at the time, “Are we crazy?”

And then they signed on the dotted line to buy the business.

It hasn’t been easy — the recession wasn’t easy on anyone — but the business is still going and also has a new location on Pacific Avenue, still not far from Fred Meyer.

Boomerang looks like your classic record store: Music posters are plastered everywhere, plus plenty of racks and cases are filled with records, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, some new music and collector’s items.

“It looks like a bigger version of my bedroom when I was a teenager,” said Gary, 57.

So what sells? Anything by AC/DC, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin are hard to keep in stock, he said.

And what doesn’t sell? Liberace and Percy Faith records.

The business also sells stickers, T-shirts, buttons as well as two new products: clocks made from used laser discs and vinyl incense holders.

And more live music might be in the future.

Boomerang twice has invited bands to play in its parking lot as a way to support local music but also to market the business as well.

“Customers have discovered us” because of the live music, he said.

And business has recently picked up, he said, perhaps because people want to own something more than just a downloaded song on their computer.

“I love this place and I love that,” he said about his supportive customers.