Longtime Tacoma rug merchant moves to Stadium Business District

A family-owned Tacoma rug and flooring company, Cartozian Fine Flooring and Rugs, is moving from a South End location it has occupied for 75 years to a new store in the Stadium Business District.

The merchant will open in a ground floor retail space in the Landmark Convention Center at 49 St. Helens Ave. on Tuesday. Cartozian has been housed in a retail space at 3320 South G St. since 1938.

Sarah Ames, a spokeswoman for Cartozian, said the company is moving to become a part of the lively mix of merchants in the Stadium District and to have its own space dedicated to flooring and carpets. At its G Street location, Cartozian shared space with a carpet and floor cleaning company.

The new location, adjacent to the Temple Theater, has been recently remodeled for Cartozian.