Washington taxpayers face the middle ground; Alaska does best, Illinois worst in national survey

At least you’re not living in Illinois. And too bad you’re not a resident up in Alaska.

The financial services website WalletHub is out this week with a look at the best and worst places to live — in the context of taxes.

The best state to be a taxpayer, Alaska, is followed by Delaware, Montana and Wyoming. The worst, Illinois, is immediately bettered by Nebraska, Wisconsin and Rhode Island.

And where Alaska taxpayers expend an average of $2,993 in state and local taxes, Illinois residents face an annual average of $7,719, according to the survey. Washington taxpayers come 34th nationwide, paying an average $6,210. At 34th, the Evergreen State sits directly in the neighborhood between Minnesota and Indiana.

Adjust for the local cost of living and Alaska comes fifth nationwide, behind first-place Delaware. Washington drops to 36th and Connecticut places last.

Washington’s average tax burden is 10 percent above the national average, whereas Alaska comes out 47 percent below.

And although Washington ranks 30th for real estate taxes, state residents can take solace because they pay no state income tax.

There is no succor, however, when considering sales and excise taxes. Washington comes 51st (the District of Columbia was included on the list) when measured by those criteria. Alabama, incidentally, did one slot better, at 50th. Where Washington places last, Oregon came first in terms of sales and excise taxes. Residents there pay an average of a mere $489, WalletHub said.

But then, Oregonians paid an average $2,488 in income taxes.