Delta Air Lines further expanding routes from Sea-Tac

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines has announced a handful of new destinations to bolster its new international hub at Sea-Tac Airport.

Delta, in a market share battle with its code-sharing partner, Alaska Airlines, chose destinations where it will directly compete with existing Alaska flights.

Those new non-stop destinations include Boston, Orlando, Pasco, Victoria, British Columbia; and Bozeman, Montana.

The airline will fly once daily between Sea-Tac and Boston, Orlando and Bozeman. It will fly three daily trips to Pasco and Victoria. The flights will begin as soon as Aug. 1 for Bozeman and as late as April 4, 2016, for Boston and Victoria. Flights to Orlando will commence Dec. 19 and flights to Pasco start Nov. 1.

The flights to Boston and Orlando will use full-size Boeing 737-800 and 757-200 jets. The Northwest flights will be flown by regional jets.

Delta is building a hub at Sea-Tac to connect domestic passengers to a group of international flights to such cities as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

The airline is the airport’s second busiest after Alaska Airlines, which has nearly 55 percent of the market share at the airport. Delta and its affiliates have a nearly 16 percent share of traffic at Sea-Tac. By August, Delta expects to have about 128 daily flights from Sea-Tac. Alaska has more than twice that number.