Proctor residents concerned about development form group

The group of Proctor residents that started a Facebook page over rumors of a second mixed-use development has formally organized themselves as 4Proctor.

The group is sponsoring a petition that calls on the city of Tacoma’s Planning Commission to “immediately adopt a moratorium on future development in the Proctor mixed-use center that exceeds 45 (feet) in height and amend the land use regulatory code to reinstate the appropriate 45 (foot) height limit.”

Now, buildings in Proctor can reach 65 feet if they include certain public amenities. The first development to be built under those rules, passed in 2009, is Proctor Station. That project’s development team is made up of Proctor business leaders Bill Evans and Erling Kuester, as well as Gig Harbor’s Rush Cos. The team is in the early stages of planning a second structure on North 25th Street, across from Metropolitan Market.

Rumors of that project sparked a discussion on Facebook, then a community open house attended by more than 150 concerned residents.

“There are many who think we are against development, but that’s simply not the case. We see that new development has a lot to offer the community,” said Eric Sonju, a resident of the Proctor neighborhood and member of the 4Proctor team, in a news release. “But, as the city’s zoning code explicitly states, development should be ‘compatible and in scale with the surrounding neighborhood’ and ‘enhance, stabilize, and preserve the unique character and scale of’ the neighborhood. This guiding principle shouldn’t be ignored.”

To learn more about the group, go to the 4Proctor Facebook page or email to subscribe to an email list.

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