New multiplex at Point Ruston to open soon

The first movie multiplex to open in Tacoma in more than a decade will debut Nov. 19 at Point Ruston.

Century Theatres at Point Ruston will feature nine screens, digital picture and sound systems, and, in one auditorium, assigned reclining seats. The reclining seats and 3-D presentations will include a ticket price surcharge.

The multiplex is part of the $1 billion redevelopment of the former Asarco copper smelter site on the Ruston Way waterfront near Point Defiance Park.

The theater’s main opening attraction will be a showing of parts one and two of “The Hunger Games, Mockingjay,” said Frank Gonzalez, marketing manager for Cineplex Theaters, parent company of Century.

Private showings of the two shows will happen Nov. 18 as part of a promotional deal with local radio stations who will be handing out free tickets to the early release of part two of “Mockingjay.”

Within a few weeks of the theater’s opening, it will become part of an entertainment complex for Point Ruston’s Grand Plaza. Five restaurants will open within a few weeks of the theater’s debut in the same structure, said Mike Cohen, managing partner for the Point Ruston development. Those restaurants will specialize in different cuisines: sushi, seafood, crepes, salads, sandwiches and coffee.

That building also includes 40 condominiums and 95 apartments. The first occupants of those waterfront dwellings are due to move in by early December, said Cohen.

Opening at the same time as the theater will be the Grand Plaza’s computer-controlled fountain, said the developer. That fountain will change its form from a simple splash pool for kids to a powerful fountain depending on its programming. The centerpiece fountain will be equipped with light-emitting diode illumination that will change color, intensity and display patterns to create a nighttime light show, said Cohen.

Parking for the cinema and the restaurants will be free in the first two levels of a nearby garage. Point Ruston officials said they expect work on a Silver Cloud hotel is expected to begin across the plaza from the entertainment complex.

John Gillie: 253-597-8663