Infoblox’s new Tacoma office to include foosball, wine storage

After buying Tacoma cybersecurity firm IID in February, Infoblox will move its Tacoma office from Broadway to Pacific Avenue.

Infoblox, a network services provider, will occupy the sixth floor of the Horizon Pacific Center sometime in the fourth quarter of this year.

The nearly 16,000-square-foot office on the top floor will house 50 employees with room for 75, in fields including engineering, network operations and threat intelligence, and other specialties.

Infoblox spokesman Mike Langberg said the company will hire more people over the length of the lease. Its lease for the Broadway office is nearly expired and it was time to consider a new space.

“It was a good opportunity to move the group into a facility that better represented the company’s branding and overall look and feel,” Langberg said.

Like its location in Santa Clara, California, the Tacoma Infoblox office will have a large lunchroom cafe, collaborative meeting spaces, board room and training rooms.

The Tacoma space will include a foosball table, video conferencing, a butcher block table centerpiece and a storage area for the executive team’s small wine collection.

The Horizon Pacific Center, located at South 21st Street and Pacific Avenue, was built in 1907. The building is no stranger to tech tenants. It housed a number of dot-coms at the turn of the century. Expedia once had a call center there. Current tenants include Multicare and engineering firm CBRE.

In June, Infoblox vice president and co-founder of IID Lars Harvey likened Tacoma to “the fishing hole no one else has found yet.” Its proximity to the University of Washington-Tacoma and its tech-savvy graduates, the city’s many amenities and its affordability compared to tech nexus Seattle makes Tacoma a desirable place to grow a tech business.

“The talent we acquired with IID is critical to Infoblox’s development of network security and threat intelligence monitoring, so we want to ensure we are in a location that retains that talent,” said Infoblox spokeswoman Shawna Beladari via email.

Infoblox has more than 800 employees.

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