Results mixed for state-chartered banks at the end of Q3

The best news derived from the latest Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. summary of performance for state-chartered banks is that the percentage of unprofitable institutions is down.

Where the close of September saw 7.69 percent of institutions in the no-profit column, fully 12.96 percent lost money the year before. In the third quarter of 2012, the number peaked at 21.05 percent.

Otherwise for the third quarter 2014, results were mixed.

•  A year ago, the state could count 54 state-chartered banks. For the third quarter 2014, the number had slipped to 52.

•  Where 12,869 people were employed at state-chartered banks in 2013, at the end of September this year the number dipped to 10,443.

•  Total assets fell from $50.01 billion at Sept. 30, 2013 to $44.48 billion a year later.

•  Net income fell from $340 million to $297 million.

•  The banks’ net interest margin fell from 4.12 percent to 3.98 percent.

•  Bad loans got better, with noncurrent loans and leases down from 1.63 percent a year ago to 0.98 percent at the end of September.