Marriage licenses for week ending June 3, 2016

ABSTEN/COX Jill Ann, Fircrest, with Donald Joel, University Place

ADAMS/DELVILLAR Krause Julie Ann with Felix Jr., both of Spanaway

ALLEN/TUCKER Steven Marcus, Tacoma, with Julie Ann, Orting

AMELUNG/FOGLER Christine Jean with Mason Alan, both of Lakewood

ANDERSON/KADAR Marilyn Fhai with Richard William, both of Tacoma

BACHMANN/KRISTOFFERSON Mark Matthew with Kristina Marie, both of Bonney Lake

BAILEY/KUXHAUSEN Cameron Javelle, Tacoma, with Rachel Nicole, Puyallup

BARLOW/NICHTER Elizabeth Dawn with Tyler Don, both of Spanaway

BERTHIAUME/DABNEY Zachary Kyle with Nadia Truth, both of Lakewood

BIRKA/SHARP Amy Lynn with Timothy Aaron, both of Bonney Lake

BITTINGER/BAKER Marquis Anthony with Vilma Kiaya Harom, both of Bremerton

BREMER/MATHES Jordan Dean with Jessica Aaren, both of University Place

BROCKERT/O’NEILL Joseph Phillip with -trana Jean Ellen, both of Gig Harbor

BROUGHAM/NELSON Joshua Thomas with Molly Elizabeth, both of Lakewood

BROWN/OPDAL Bryna Emily, University Place, with Per Oystein, Bergen, Hordaland Norway

BROWN/NEITZEL Robert Eugene with Heather Jean, both of Puyallup

BUCK/MEDINA Joshua L., Tacoma, with Victoria C., Puyallup

BURNETT/LINSCOTT James, Lakewood, with Ann, Salem, Ore.

BUSH/LEGG George Wesley Jr. with Renee Lee, both of Roy

CASTILLO/RICHARDSON Jessie Ortiz, Tacoma, with Martika Jean, Modesto, Calif.

CHAMROEN/SEAMAN Ashley Nicole with David Anthony Jr., both of University Place

CORLEY/PATTON Dezmond Andre with Tiesha Lawan, both of Tacoma

CROSBY/BRIGHAM Clint Ivan with Sandra Mae, both of Eatonville

CROW/EDWARDS Chelsea Ann with Kyle Joseph, both of JBLM

CRUZ/ABANDO Roberto Alexis, Tacoma, with Michelle Ardena, DuPont

DARRAH/HOERNER Clarity Michelle with Sam Alcan M., both of Tacoma

DELMEL/TIOBECH Obeketang with Melanie Salome, both of Tacoma

DOWE/WILLIAMS Kelvin Amonda with Genevie Balano, both of Tacoma

ELLIS/RODRIGUEZ Zackary Randall with Maria Cristal, both of Tacoma

FISHER/BREIKSS Dawn Michelle with Brian Thomas, both of Tacoma

FLYNN/COLLINS Tyler James with Kelsey Lea, both of Orting

FRADY/ALLRED Evan Charles, Nellis AFB, Nev., with Emily Dawn, Wasilla, Alaska

GETTY/BUCKELL Joshua Lewis with Danielle Leigh, both of Gig Harbor

GIANGIULIO/BOYES Raphael William with Andrea Lynn, both of Tacoma

GILTNER/KOCH Kathryn Marie, Puyallup, with Jonathan Morgan, Vancouver

GRELL/CRADY Brett Derrick with Chantell Delphine, both of Spanaway

HAGUE/STAAB Lori Michelle with Jake Bennie, both of Tacoma

HAMMONS/MACDONALD James Lewis with Jessica Jean, both of Rainier

HANSEN/SIPLA Bree Rene with John-Paul, both of Gig Harbor

HANSON/SCUDDER Brenda Darlene with Kevin Dwight, both of Puyallup

HEAD/GUZMAN Taylor Scott, Puyallup, with Adriana Carolina, Tacoma

HEMMINGER/KELPSZAS Sidney James with Rebecca Diane, both of Orting

HERRERA/BURRESS Alexis M. with Chase Allen, both of Tacoma

HILLER/MASCHO Tyler James with Hannah Y., both of Edgewood

HOO/HUI Lindsay Diane with Michael Ryan, both of Tacoma

IVLIYEV/SOLHEIM Kirsten Marie with Nicholas Aaron Winfred, both of Tacoma

JACKSON/MONTEJANO Ryan William with Briana Avery, both of Tacoma

JOWERS/GREER Nathan Deon, Franklin, N.C., with Mandie Noelle, Tacoma

KNIGHT/BLAND Lacy Lynn with Thomas Darin, both of JBLM

KNOBLAUCH/LINDUS Courtney Reuben with Emily Sarah, both of Tacoma

KONS/BROOKS Brindley Amber with David Louallen, both of Puyallup

LAZU-BAKER/JOHNSON Adriana Marie, Tacoma, with Tonya Nicole, Seattle

LLOYD/COFFINDAFFER Sean Robert with Peggy Lynn, both of Puyallup

LOHKAMP/XU Scott Earl, Sea-Tac, with Li, Tacoma

LOUGHEED/COLE Sarah Elizabeth with Caleb Joshua, both of Lakewood

LOUKILI/WHITE Asraoui Khalil I. with Christina Rochelle I., both of Tacoma

MALOUFF/WEED Amanda Lee with Garrett Roy, both of Spanaway

MARCH/LARSON Lynessa Ann with Calvin Leroy Jr., both of Puyallup

MARTINEZ/WHITE Jorge Manuelle with Jacqueline Renee, both of Orting

McCLENDON/ROBINSON Ozena S. with John J., both of University Place

MEDINA/LOPEZ Maria De Jesus with Gonzalez Arnulfo, both of Tacoma

MELKERSON/KNOWLES Lyle Walter with Emma Louise, both of Kivalina, Alaska

MELVIN/THOMPSON Dennis Ray with Lisa Lorraine, both of Tacoma

MILLER/UBBEN Danielle Nicole, Colbert, with Robert Eugene, Gig Harbor

MITAL/WILLIS Gregory Mark with Stacy Renee, both of Gig Harbor

MOJICA/BECERRA Andrade Hedgar, Sacramento, Calif., with Padilla Ailem Elizabeth, Tracy, Calif.

MONTANO/BUTLER Alexandra Elizabeth, Auburn, Wa Wa, with Clifford Lee V., Federal Way

MORIGEAU/HINTHORNE Bryce Walter with Carissa Marie, both of Tacoma

MUELLER/JOHNSON Nicole Grace with Kyle David, both of Pullman

MURPHY/McMAKIN Dawn Sky, University Place, with Dale Alan III, Tacoma

MYERS/WARREN Micah Gene, Gig Harbor, with Laura Diane, Sumner

NELSON/HANSEN Hallie Ann with James Allen, both of Marysville

NICHOLS/STEVENS Jeremy Joel with Amber Natalie Patricia, both of Lakewood

NICHOLSON/CARLSON Clive Harvey with Sally Ann, both of Puyallup

NORDSTROM/SUTTON Christian Michael with Shania Ann, both of Fife

OLSEN/ARROYO Tiffany Dawn, University Place, with Cervera Jonathan, Tacoma

OREILLY/CZERWINSKI Corey Ryan with Melissa Marie, both of Tacoma

OROZCO/ESTRADA Ramirez Daniella with Raymond Junior, both of Fife

PACK/PHILLIPS James Ray, Tacoma with Keli Christine, Sumner

PADILLA/ALEXANDER Jose Pablo Jr. with Jessie Carmel, both of Tacoma

PARKE/BROWN Justin Phillip, JBLM, with Tasha Lynn, Puyallup

PARKINSON/DAYS Christina Michelle with Philip Nelson, both of Gig Harbor

PAYNE/GREGG Abraham Zebadiah with Marissa Marie, both of Buckley

PEARSON/KELLEY Keith Alan with Nicole Lee, both of Spanaway

PEREZ/VILLANI Joseph Quinn-taylor with Christina Marie, both of Spanaway

POWERS/REDINGER Michael Leo, Federal Way, with Karen Leanne, Puyallup

PRETZ/FURFARO Jelisa Rene with Jacob Mark, both of Puyallup

PRISBREY/NORRIS Angela Dawn with Mendi Lynn, both of Tacoma

RASE/PLUMMER Taanya Lyynna with Michael L., both of Tacoma

REDHEAD/MASSENDER Abraham Michael with Kimberly Anne, both of Tacoma

RICH/MORSE Judy Lynn, Clinton, Utah, with Brookann L., Puyallup

RICHARDSON/HOWELL Emanuel Connie with Karey Lynn, both of Puyallup

RILEY/LIQUETE Matthew Mercurius, Tacoma, with Elaine Lagrimas, Puyallup

ROMO-MCCARTHY/SANDSTROM Berlyn Marie with Brennan James, both of Tacoma

RUELAZ/KING Brendin Joseph with Maria Danielle, both of Tacoma

SALAO/HOLAMOTU Marjorie Alipar Usa, with Intelia Teve, both of Tacoma

SALCICCIA/DAHL Emily Joy with Micah Joseph, both of Longbranch

SAMKO/ZOTEA Natalya Valeryevna, Tacoma, with Vladislav, Lakewood

SETTLES/WILLIAMS Shanae Sherell with Devin Vaughn, both of Tacoma

SEYMOUR/PATTON Timothy David with Kelly Melinda, both of Federal Way

SHEEHAN/DIAZ Adam Duane with Crystal Marie, both of Tacoma

SMITH/SANCHEZ Dennis Thomas with Monique, both of Tacoma

SMITH/YARGER Zachary Alexander, Tacoma, with Brienna Mackenzie, Olalla

STAPLES/EDGECOMB Dennis Aurthur with Carol Marie, both of Tacoma

STEICHEN/GULINO Rebecca Joyce with Jacob Anthony, both of Tacoma

STERIO/ROSETE Adam with Tabitha Kate, both of Puyallup

STEVENS/RHODES Matthew Robert with Whitney Jean, both of Monroe

STITES/LOEBSACK Aaron Jon with Jesse Soleil, both of Tacoma

SUTTER/ROSALES Brett Lee with Brittany Faye, both of JBLM

TORRES/MUNSON Mayra Alejandra with Charles George II, both of JBLM

TOWNLEY/GREGORY Steven Wayne with Dana Karlene, both of Orting

TUBBS/TORTORANO Kelsie Louise with Matthew David, both of Tacoma

TYREE/ROBERTS Amanda Rose with Eric Dwayne Dremar, both of Fife

UMPHENOUR/SUHR Gabriella Grace Byrne with Christopher Laine, both of Tacoma

VALADEZ/FARINHA Sarah Maria with Jonathan Ryan, both of Tacoma

VALENZUELA/GROTJAHN Nick Alan with Cathy Lee, both of Puyallup

VIOLETTE/HOWARD Catherine, Tacoma, with Anthony Andre, Olympia

VOLOSIN/TUPIKOVA Eduard with Alesya A., both of Tacoma

VON QUERNER/TINSLEY Jerrold Russell Jr. with Brittany Christine, both of University Place

WAKEM/LUCE Beverly Jeanne with Michael John, both of University Place

WALDROUP/HALVERSON Tyler James with Amelia Louise, both of Tacoma

WESTBROOK/HALL John Richard with Christina Mae, both of Fircrest

WHEATCRAFT/GURNEY David Jr., Las Vegas, Nev., with Donna, Federal Way

WHITE/HOLLEY Bryan David Jr. with Krista Lynn, both of Sumner

WILCOX/LENSCH Amber Rose with Nathan Edward, both of University Place

WREN/IGE Sarah Elizabeth with Nicholas Christopher, both of Tacoma

WRIGHT/ASPIRANTI Angela Ann with Johnathon Richard Michael, both of Tacoma

WRIGHT/ARNEY Christine Rose with Gary James, both of Puyallup

YADOCK/BURRIS Vasily Andrew with Kayla Marie, both of Bonney Lake

YOUNG/PRIES Mauryssa Larie with David Lee, both of Buckley