No more tuberculosis at Gig Harbor High School

A month after a Gig Harbor High School student was diagnosed with tuberculosis, health officials say nobody else at the school contracted the disease.

The student was diagnosed in April and received treatment while staying away from campus. The student did not get TB at school.

Even though the chance of others being infected was low, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department tested eight students and seven staff members. Test results show none demonstrated signs of the virus, the department announced Friday.

“TB does not spread easily and requires long periods of time with a contagious person in an enclosed space for transmission,” said Nigel Turner, the department’s Communicable Disease division director.

Free screenings were also held for students and staff at Gig Harbor High.

Tuberculosis is a bacterial diseases that can spread when a person with an active case of the illness coughs, sneezes, shouts or laughs.

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