‘Sexy Chest’ swimsuit makes hairy fashion statement


It’s a bathing suit meant to shock and awe.

Meet the “Sexy Chest One Piece” by Beloved Shirts, which offers the chance to wear a screen print of a man’s hairy chest, torso and back for $44.95.

The company encouraged shoppers to “make’em say WTF” on its Instagram page.

The swimsuit comes in three tones: natural, tan and dark. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Although Cosmopolitan magazine calls the one-piece “3000% wack,” many people find it hilarious and have shown interest.

More than 1,000 people entered a promotional giveaway for the hairy bathing suit.

One mom posted a video of herself coming out of the bathroom in a newly purchased swimsuit and her children screaming in shock at her furry physique.

On Buzzfeed, commenter Keri Trul Sen said rocking the swimsuit is a way to thumb your nose at people who feel the need to body shame or comment on others’ appearance.

“People love to judge other people’s bodies, especially bodies in bathing suits,” she wrote. “Oh, I’m too fat and stretch marked for a bikini? HERES A ONE PIECE. IS THAT BETTER?I DID I APPROPRIATELY COVER MY FLAWS?!”

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