Washington drivers have etiquette down. Merging is another story

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Washington has some of the most courteous drivers in the country according to a recent survey published by Kars4Kids.

The New Jersey nonprofit asked 2,500 drivers — 50 from each state — a handful of questions during March and April about how they respond to heavy traffic, tailgating and other daily interactions on the road.

Washingtonians are ranked eighth in the nation on the list. They are the least likely to steal your parking spot, and probably won’t speed up if another car tries to pass them.

They don’t tend to respond well to other cars trying to merge in front of them — especially in heavy traffic — but don’t respond too aggressively.

The survey results suggest the Northwest is more courteous on the road than any other region.

Idaho topped the survey, while Oregon was ranked third and Montana fourth.

Results showed that New York has the least courteous drivers in the country. Western states were found to have the most courteous drivers by a large margin, while the Northeast and the South had the lowest scores.

Oregonians don’t seem to mind if cars in front of them move slowly, but drivers in Kansas do. New Yorkers and drivers in Michigan have very negative responses to tailgaters.

Drivers in Iowa aren’t great about using their turn signals, but drivers in Wyoming are. Drivers in the South might speed up if you try to pass them, but those in the Midwest are more likely to let you go.

And while a Washingtonian probably won’t steal your parking spot, a driver in Wisconsin is more likely to.

Women were found to be more courteous on the road than men, while drivers between the ages of 51-64 had the most positive responses to most situations.