WSU student seen at Charlottesville rally resigns as head of college Republicans


The president of Washington State University’s college Republicans resigned Monday after being identified as a participant in a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

That rally on Friday night was followed by an act of domestic terrorism Saturday when another rally participant drove his car into a crowd of people.

A woman was killed and 19 people were injured.

James Allsup was open about his participation in Charlottesville but he and others were identified by the Twitter account Yes, You’re Racist.

Allsup’s said on Twitter this is resignation had previously been planned but he was expediting the process.

Allsup also said WSU’s College Republicans has no involvement in the Unite The Right rally he attended in Virginia.

Allsup said he planned on speaking about how removing Confederate statues is wrong but, “leftists shut it down.” He called Friday night’s tiki torch parade “beautiful”.

Though he was photographed with people displaying Nazi insignia Allsup denied he is a Nazi. He also distanced himself from violence and the driver of the car who was seen at rallies prior to the terrorist act.

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