The rain broke records and isn’t going away. Wait until Saturday

The rain broke records Wednesday and it’s not done yet.

Another storm is set to sweep through Western Washington this weekend before the weather clears Monday.

“The computer model is pretty adamant that it’s going to get here Saturday until Sunday,” said Dustin Guy, a National Weather Service meteorologist. “It’s not a question of whether it will rain, it’s just a question of how much.”

On Wednesday, rain totals for the day beat out records in several areas.

The Seattle area received 1.20 inches, bumping out the 1958 record of 1.19 inches. Bellingham saw 1.44 inches, well above the 0.80 inch record of 2011. Hoquiam got 2.12 inches, beating out 1.83 inches from 1979. Quillayute was hit with 2.93 inches, drowning the 1975 record of 1.79 inches.

The Olympics received the most rain in the state, with the area near Mount Olympus being drenched with 6.30 inches.

Wind had a starring role in the storm as well. Peak winds hit 101 mph at Chinook Pass, 89 mph at White Pass, 76 mph at Mount Baker, 49 mph at Sea-Tac Airport and 33 mph in Tacoma.

Cliff Mass, a University of Washington meteorologist, called the storms hitting this week the “Big Normal” and said the weather typically changes at this time every year.

Showers are expected to continue Friday with temperatures hovering in the mid-50s.

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