Gun seized inside Saint Martin’s dorm belonged to a visitor, police say

Lacey Police recovered a gun in a residence hall at Saint Martin’s University early Thursday morning, according to Sgt. Jaime Newcomb.

“Saint Martin’s security (officers) found it when they were investigating a narcotics complaint, but because it is a policy violation for the university, they then got ahold of us,” he told The Olympian.

The firearm belonged to someone who was visiting one of the dorm’s residents, said Genevieve Canceko Chan, a spokeswoman for the private Benedictine university.

“There is no evidence the firearm was meant to be used on campus, nor did there appear to be an immediate risk to anyone’s safety,” she said. “Lacey Police immediately secured the weapon and detained the individual to whom it belonged.”

One person was arrested and booked into jail, two people were cited and released, and a fourth suspect is younger than 18 and under investigation for a non-felony charge so that case was referred to Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court, Newcomb said.

In addition, all of the people involved in the incident were “trespassed” and are no longer allowed on campus, Chan said.

She said the Campus Public Safety officers had initially entered the student’s room to respond “to a concern about marijuana.”

After the gun was discovered, Lacey Police were dispatched to the scene at 2:52 a.m., Newcomb said.

Chan said the university’s top priority is the safety of its students and greater campus community.

“Our university policy prohibits the possession of controlled substances, the possession of alcohol, and the possession of weapons, regardless of state law,” Chan said. “...The matter is currently being resolved through local law enforcement and the university’s conduct process.”

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