What was that weather event near Shelton? A tornado, National Weather Service says

A tornado touched ground in the Shelton area for five minutes Friday evening, according to the National Weather Service.

Although short-lived, the tornado generated winds of 90-100 miles per hour and caused damage in the area.

“Falling trees did impact at least two houses along the damage path, including one house that had two trees fall on the roof,” National Weather Service officials said in a news release.

The National Weather Service received reports about the tornado-like event after it touched down between Spencer Lake and Pickering Passage about 6 p.m. Friday. They confirmed the weather event as a tornado on Saturday and announced their findings Saturday night.

The tornado, which rated an EF-1, traveled 0.68 miles before moving over Pickering Passage and dissipating as a waterspout.

When was the last time a tornado touched down in the Shelton area? That wasn’t immediately known.

“They’re not common here,” said meteorologist Johnny Burg on Sunday. “They do happen, but they’re not particularly strong and don’t last very long.”

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