Local soccer fans don’t let U.S. loss to Germany get them down

A mixture of people in star-spangled jerseys, military uniforms and plain sweatshirts sat with eyes transfixed on big screen TVs in McNamara’s Pub & Eatery in DuPont Thursday.

The crowd of 200 cheered, pounded their knuckles and took swigs of Guinness after every U.S. advance during the match against the German national team, the former three-time World Cup champions.

Some of the fans played hooky from work to watch the 9 a.m. game, but Michael Nnaemeka from Lakewood had just left a graveyard shift at FedEx Ground in DuPont and said he would normally be asleep at the time of the match.

An ardent, lifelong soccer fan, he remained hopeful that the U.S. could win even when Germany scored a goal in the second half. A constant rumble of low murmurs filled the pub as patrons looked from the big screen playing the U.S. game to another showing the pivotal match between Portugal and Ghana.

A cheer rose from the crowd when, moments after U.S. lost to Germany 1-0, Portugal bested Ghana in a scenario that assured the U.S.’s advance.

Rob Rasmussen of Lacey said he enjoys rooting for the U.S. national team every four years because of the high level of competition at the World Cup.

“The German defense is really tough and we couldn’t get through,” Rasmussen said. “But we advanced. Bottom line.”

While he would have preferred a win, Rasmussen still planned to celebrate with a beer or two, even if it took him longer to get into a party mood.

Nnaemeka said he wasn’t disappointed with the loss.

“They did their best and this is not a competition of charity,” Nnaemeka said.