Marriage licenses for week ending July 11

ABBOTT/HARASIMOWITZ Emily Jane with Jeffrey Edward, both of Tacoma

AKERS/LOVELL Andrew Paul, Spanaway, with Meagan Joy, Renton

ALHAKEEM/SNYDER Rami I. with Stephanie Cececila, both of Tacoma

ANDREWS/BACA Glen Larue with Virginia Lee, both of Gig Harbor

ANTHONY/NADER Jeannie Marie with Michael Stanley, both of University Place

ARBAUGH/BOURNE Rebecca Dawn with Spencer David, both of Puyallup

ARLIN/NICHOLAS Alicia Nichole with Matthew Christopher, both of Graham

AVILA/NYGREN Steven Oliveira Sr. with Teresa Marie, both of Bonney Lake

BAIRD/CLARK Jessica E. with Nicholas L., both of Lakewood

BAKER/PULLIAM Randy Lee, Puyallup, with Kimberly Anne, Tacoma

BAKER/BLY Zak Errol, Olympia, with Brittany Christina, Laurel, Md.

BAKKE/BECERRA Danan Alan with Kimberly Marie, both of Tacoma

BATTS/DUNSE Cynthia Rose, Gold Bar, with Micha John, Reedsburg, Wis.

BAUER/SCHMIDT Hannah Joy with Timothy Ryan, both of Tacoma

BAUMEIER/SALTER Taylor Arin, Lakewood, with Kaylie Charlotte Ann, Vancouver, British Columbia

BAUMES/MORASKI Erica Lynn with Ashley Lyn, both of Tacoma

BAYLY/GAUTHIER Bryan Craig with Sylvia Roxanne, both of Tacoma

BELL/KLIPPERT Tanya Elizabeth with Samuel James, both of Roy

BEN/DOUANGMANY John T. with Lois, both of Milton

BERNHOFT/DEMYERS Chantal Leanne with Marcus Rico Jr., both of Tacoma

BLACKWELL/DOUGLAS Anthony Quinn with Marcia Edna, both of Tacoma

BLISCHE/HAMILTON Kati Jo with Richard William, both of Buckley

BLUNK/DRASZT David Allen with Jacquelyn Lee, both of Lakebay

BONIFACIO/PARANADA Maileilaulii Hailey with Zachren, both of Puyallup

BOOTH/HAMILTON Kevin Tyler, Renton, with Gayle Anne, Tacoma

BOURAHMAH/ALEISA Jassem Nabeel Hassan with Noora W. A. A. O., both of Graham

BOYKIN/HARRIS Jamal Christopher, Lakewood, with Elysia Athena-Marie, Lacey

BOYNTON/BERRY Alexander Michale with Jacqueline Rose, both of Tacoma

BROWN/KINSEY Dwaun O’nay, Lakewood, with Chara Lanae, Renton

BUCK/SANSTAD Patricia with Robert, both of Fox Island

CALDWELL/JOHNSON Winfred Bernard II, JBLM, with Jillian Lisa, Federal Way

CAMPBELL/LAWSON Devonte Jacques with Lexis Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

CANDIOTTA/OWENS Devan Rose, Tacoma, with Amir Yusuf, Cheney

CARON/REDFORD Adam Timothy with Sherneka Mymyona, both of Tacoma

CARRILLO/RAMIREZ Christina Marie with Juan Carlos, both of Tacoma

CARROLL/FOLEY Kristopher William with Gina Everist, both of Gig Harbor

CASTILLO/RAMIREZ Ashley Roxanne with Medina Severo, both of Tacoma

CHEEK/HERTZOG Samantha Grace with John Edward, both of Spanaway

CHERRY/STRATTON Shane Carl with Rhonda Jo, both of Sumner

CHRISTENSEN/MEISTER Stefani Joan with Susan Rae, both of Lakewood

COLEMAN/McADAMS Tekiyra Monet with Toyon Micheal, both of Chicago, Ill.

COOPER/DAVIS Charles Jr. with Michael Hill, both of Tacoma

CORTEZ/NGONEPHASOUK Amanda Bisarra with Sukha, both of Tacoma

COWAN/PORTER Aaron Robert-john with Melinda Ann, both of Auburn

CRAWFORD/THOMPSON Tonya Denise, Tacoma, with Terry Sheldon, Chesterfield, Mo.

CROUCH/MULLINS Jamie Marie with Seth Gabriel, both of Richmond Hill, Ga.

CURRAN/DOW Michael Thomas with Kimberly Ann, both of Enumclaw

DAINS/BECKER Gary Lee with Tiffany Ann-marie, both of Puyallup

DASCHER/MORRELL Kristopher John Leslie with Brittany Ann Nicole, both of Tacoma

DAVENPORT/BURNEY Tiara Mecha with Aaliyah Renea, both of University Place

DAVIS/LESH Kristin Jo, Portland, Ore., with Matthew Eldon, Chehalis

DAVIS/VO Vanessa Angel, Puyallup, with Hiep Lien, Puyallp

DAWSON/SMITH Andrew Mark with Sarah Joy, both of Tacoma

DEAN/LONG Bradley Taylor, Tacoma, with Destany Louise, Snohomish

DENT/LEAF Brett Andrew, Tacoma, with Katherine Marie, Kent

DEPAUL/GATES Dominic Lee with Anna Marie, both of Olympia

DERRYBERRY/GONZALEZ Jamie Leanette with Santos Maico Fabian, both of Kennewick

DESPAIN/SURLS Joan with Jimmie, both of Tacoma

DEUSTER/GRUBER Kathryn Patricia with Dana, both of Lakebay

DICKERSON/SQUIRES Anna Marie with Matthew Ryan, both of Tacoma

DICKINSON/JONES Douglas Earl with Bernadette, both of Tacoma

DICKSON/ARNOLD Adam Charles with Brandi Dianne, both of Puyallup

DIEFENDERFER/SALAZAR Dylan James with Shamira Rena, both of Lakewood

DODGE/TYLER Jennifer Michelle with Cale Logan, both of Tacoma

DOMINGO-PICHO/HERNANDEZ-RAMIREZ Francisco J. with Brenda, both of University Place

EDGE/CALLON Jessica with Zackery Addam, both of Bonney Lake

ELSNER/MENDOZA Lacy Lyn with Salvador Jr., both of Benton City

EUGLEY/RESSER Vincent James Jr. with Brittany Renne, both of Puyallup

FARRENS/LOCKEMY Adam Jon, Fairfield, Calif., with Anne Catherine, Tacoma

FELGAR/HEINZ Mark Brian, Graham, with Katheline Odile, Tacoma

FERGUSON/JOHNSON Richard Brudis Iv with Deborah Kay, both of Gig Harbor

FERGUSON/JORDAN Warsean Kwame with Schawana Nicolle, both of Tacoma

FERNANDEZ/BROOMFIELD Julia Margaret with Michael Joseph, both of Tacoma

FORELLI/BOTTERI Kristine Anne with Devon Lee, both of Gig Harbor

GAMBILL/CLEMENTE Johana Desire with Kenneth Kyle, both of Tacoma

GARDNER/SYMPSON Garret Jed, Mineral, with Hannah Marie, Randle

GARRETT/CHRISTENSEN Holly Denise, Puyallup, with Clayton Allen, Tacoma

GERUGHTY/LARSON Xochitl with Andrew Cramer, both of Tacoma

GIOVANNINI/WHYTE Gina Theresa with Fredrick Andrew, both of Bonney Lake

GLAMUZINA/JOHNSON Elizabeth Katherine with Richard L., both of Tacoma

GONZALES/PERRUSQUIA Jaime M. with Vanessa S., both of Graham

GONZALEZ-JUAREZ/ESTRADA-PEREZ Francisco with Maria Leticia, both of Puyallup

GOULD/LADD Tatiana Yurievna with Nathaniel Dean, both of Graham

GRAVES/JAEGER Vicki Jo with Dorothy Marie, both of Tacoma

GRECO/FEST Anthony Lee, Shelton, with Angela Marie, Tacoma

GREENE-DOWNS/LATORRE Natashale, Renton, with Joevandie Bernard, Renton

GREENLAW/SPARLING Hannah Marie with Blake Harrison, both of Lakewood

GUMMERINGER/BONTEMPS Adailya Mercedes with Bryce Edward, both of Puyallup

GUSTAFSON/HILES Nicholas James with Misty Ann June, both of Milton

HALE/HOFFER Amanda Lynnae with Brodie Charles, both of Orting

HAMILTON/BUTCHER Jeffrey Michael with Chelsea Anne Marie, both of St. Helens, Ore.

HAMILTON/LINDBO Lacie Marie with Jacob Isaac, both of Fife

HARKER/THOMPSON Amanda Renee with Brandon Vincent, both of Puyallup

HARMON/CARPENTER Ashley Renea with William Nathaniel, both of Bremerton

HARRIS/ALLERTON Kyle Christopher, Auburn, with Bailey Noel, Orting

HARRISON/JINNEMAN Brad Joseph with Kayla Marie, both of Lakebay

HATCH/GARCIA Melissa Danielle with Richard Pablo III, both of Graham

HATCHER/NELSON Whitney Mona with James Arthur III, both of Tacoma

HAYWARD/MERRICK Peter Michael with Heidi Elizabeth, both of Lakewood

HELM/SEXTON Ryan David, Athens, Ill., with Nicole Anne, Puyallup

HEMINGER/BURNETT Jeffrey Allen with Celeste Dawn, both of Puyallup

HENDRIXSON/GAMIN Eric Michael with Kayla Jean, both of Chicago, Ill.

HENRY/CANIDA Tenisha Lynell with Jordan Labrente, both of Tacoma

HERNAN/COLE Lavette Sharonlee Agnus with Gary Rentola, both of Gig Harbor

HERNANDEZ/WOOD Stacy Lynn, Spanaway, with Scott Leo, Lakebay

HUFF/HORNER Adam Christian with Katherine A., both of Tacoma

HUFF/FLOOD Marissa Roseann with Jonothan Robert, both of Auburn

HULSEY/MALSON Craig Thomas Neal Jr. with Jessica Danielle, both of Graham

INFAUSTO/HALBERSTADT Sonia Ariel, Spanaway, with Matthew Joseph, Sumner

JEFFCOAT/ROTH Steven Raymond with Amy Lynn, both of Gig Harbor

JENKINS/RODRIGUEZ Artis Dushawn with Jessica, both of Fircrest

JOHNSEN/HARRIS Tashana Rose with Ryan Martin, both of University Place

JOHNSON/ANNEN Bryan Andrew with Consetta Marie, both of Puyallup

JOHNSON/KNIGHT Sapphire Grace with Douglas Daniel, both of Lacey

JONES/O’COYNE Jamie Leigh with Cody Thomas, both of Tacoma

JUAREZ/LAVEWAY Woody William with Melissa Dawn, both of Puyallup

JUDY/REES Brittney Marie with Jamie Lee, both of Spanaway

JULIET/LEBEAU Michele with Andrew Marcus, both of Seattle

KENDALL/RUTLEDGE Petronella Johanna with Jason Andrew, both of Puyallup

KHILE/REYES Scott Floyd with Jorge Luis, both of Witon Manors, Fla.

KIM/HALL Sang Kyun with Lily June, both of Lakewood

KINCANNON/ANDERSON Kristina Marie with David Paul, both of Tacoma

KLEVEN/KLEVEN Michael Lee with Kelsey Elise, both of Tacoma

KNEISLEY/REINKING Robert Hamilton with Sharon Lois, both of Steilacoom

KOSTER/KING Jason Lee II with Mariah Elizabeth, both of Lakewood

KRAVICH/MIKKELSON Kathryn Diana with Matthew David, both of Auburn

KRUEGER/HURLEY James Russell with Roberta Joy, both of Tacoma

KUZNYUK/KRUCHININA Myroslav with Irina, both of Tacoma

LAFFERTY/SIMONSON Michelle Mae with David Earl, both of Tacoma

LANGLOW/BOHNETT Alexander Scott with Nicole Danielle, both of Gig Harbor

LaPORTE/EVANS Shawn Joseph with Elizabeth Acfalle, both of Fircrest

LARSON/BEDIENT Sean Evan with Kellie Rachelle, both of Gig Harbor

LAVIGNE/JACKSON Amber Jeanette with Patrick Michael, both of Gig Harbor

LONG/IRWIN Alan Jared with Katelyn Teal, both of Fox Island

LUCAS/MARLOW Tianna Faith with Dominique Xavier, both of Tacoma

MAHMOUD/WILLINGHAM Ciara Michelle with Aaron Terrell, both of Tacoma

MAINARDI/MORCAN Steven with Iulia Simona, both of Lakewood

MARKEY/ROGERS Michael James with Carlyn Faye, both of Tacoma

MARTIN/FINLAY Linda Cheryl with Joel Stephen, both of Port Townsend

MATEKEL/GRAHAM Ryan Robert, Puyallup, with Taylor Anne, Orting

MAXWELL/HAUERT Jordan Dean with Patricia Lynne, both of Lakewood

McALPIN/WILLIAMS Kevin Michael with Veronica Jean, both of Puyallup

McCAMMON/LeDOUX Taylor Drew with Kelly Marie, both of Lakewood

McCLURE/LYNN Douglas A. with Alyssa E., both of Tacoma

McCULLY/GOWEN Heather Katharine with Wendy Christine, both of Auburn

McCUNE/ROBINSON Skylar Vance with Esther Lynne, both of Pensacola, Fla.

McKELLAR/RANAN Janie Raye with Bradwell Fernandez, both of Graham

McLEOD/PHAM James Michael, Tacoma, with Holli Jayne, Enumclaw

MEZS/LORFELD Robert Anderson, Lakewood, with Sydney Marie, University Place

MILANO/BURR Tessa Kathleen with Donald Jarmaine, both of Tacoma

MILLER/SOBCZAK Molly Dean with Edward Samuelu, both of Williamsburg, Iowa

MILLER/BENNETT Seth Jeremy with Maureen Lee, both of Edgewood

MINNICK/CLOW Michael Robert, JBLM, with Kathryn Lynn, Graham

MOINETTE/TANNER Sean Michael with Jasmine Monet, both of Spanaway

MORAN/ROBINSON Mason Andrew, Thompson Falls, Mont., with Sarah Rebecca, Graham

MORGAN/BURG Darcy Joseph with Kimberly Michelle, both of Spanaway

NERWINSKI/BURKS Daniel Adam with Jennelle Cassandra, both of Tacoma

NGO/LE QUAN Trinh My with Nguyen, both of Tacoma

NGUYEN/VU Tim Q. Jr. with Vivian IV, both of Puyallup

O’BRIEN/LAWRENCE Michelle Marie with Jacob Carl, both of Tacoma

OROZCO/ALVARADO Zaragoza Laura with Garcia Martin Isai, both of Tacoma

ORR/GRAHAM Gregory Steven with Patricia Ann, both of Lakewood

OSMONSON/RASMUSSEN Keith Lane, Federal Way, with Shelly Deanne, Tacoma

PARKER/CRUZ Daymond with Charlene Marie, both of Tacoma

PARKER/COX Rachel Dawn with Raphael Alexander, both of Tacoma

PELLANT/CARBINE Julia Michelle with Vernon Lee, both of Tacoma

PHAN/CLARK Lieu Thuy with Drew James, both of Tacoma

POCHEL/ROWAN Davis Cathy Ann with Melvin Ray, both of Graham

POLLEY/BAILEY Alyssa Joy with Nicholas Lee, both of Puyallup

POWERS/BUCHANAN Stephen Tyler with Ashley Lynn, both of Tacoma

PRITCHETT/CARTER Nicole Christina with Joytoya Marie, both of Lakewood

QUALLS/WEED Tiffany Marie with Tommy Agus Sulistiady, both of Tacoma

QUICHOCHO/BOHANNON Jake Perry Gogo, Tacoma, with Taja Derise-Akee, Renton

RATLIFF/HOWERTON Joseph Lee, Puyallup, with Kelsey Jo, Enumclaw

REIS/DOWD Amanda Joye with Christopher Michael, both of Lakewood

ROBINSON/McCARVER Tonia Marie with Dwayne Dores, both of Tacoma

RODEWALD/COX Anne Frances, Vancouver, with Wesley Owen, Puyallup

RODRIGUEZ/MACIEL Javier De La Cruz with Jose Florencio Jr., both of Tacoma

ROSE/THOMAS Cody Weston with Kylie Courtney, both of Tacoma

ROUNDS/DEMPSEY Kegan Douglas with Carleigh Logan, both of Puyallup

SABLAN/CHANG Vikki Marie with Justin Ho’omaluhia, both of Puyallup

SALAZAR/MARTINEZ Thomas John, Fontana, Calif., with Marti Lynn, Lakewood

SANSAVER/WOLF Sara Marie with Justin Phillip-Viste, both of Orting

SAVINO/HOWELL Stephanie Marie with John Joseph, both of DuPont

SCHERICH/PIOTROWSKI Chelsey Lyn with Joseph Michael, both of Gig Harbor

SEDY/AYRES Gracie Marie with Eric Matthew, both of Puyallup

SENN/JASSO Aaron Russell, Federal Way, with Martinez Maria Del Rosario, Tacoma

SHAW/HUNT Victoria Leigh with Jeffrey Travis, both of Auburn

SHREWSBERRY/MENDEL Herbert George, Puyallup, with Annette Marie, Renton

SIGMUND/BOWERS Corey Masatoshi with Kolina Francia, both of JBLM

SIMPSON/TOM Joshua Paul with Sarah Grace, both of Tacoma

SKREEN/SAATHOFF Catherine Lorraine with Jacob Lee, both of Federal Way

SMALL/JACKSON Brittany Stashundia with Devon Garvin, both of Lakewood

SMITH/LINDGREN Gregory with Marnie, both of Lakewood

SMITH/SCHNEIDER Rodger Dean Jr. with Melanie Ann, both of Puyallup

SMOCK/REI Ryan Mitchel with Ashley Maureen, both of JBLM

SNYDER/MEZEK Jacob Lee with Darcie Jeanne, both of Orting

STAPLETON/LANE Donald Ray Jr. with Margaret Ann Lousie, both of University Place

STATON/WEIMER Justin Bernard with Jamie Dawn, both of Bonney Lake

STORRAR/ELSETH Colleen Rae with Jeffrey Carl, both of Gig Harbor

SUTLIFF/FLORES Jeffery Lee Jr. with Ashley Melissa, both of Graham

TAO/XIANG Junyu, Lakewood, with Ling, Gig Harbor

TARBELL/DAVIS Michael Peter with Venus Ann, both of Fife

TAYLOR/LEWIS Rachell Renee with Daniel Jacob, both of Puyallup

TAYLOR/MUNOZ Thomas James with Yesenia, both of Bonney Lake

TWIET/REESE Jeffery Allen with Julene Marlaine, both of Tacoma

UNWIN/BURKE Alexander Donald with Melanie Marie, both of Hilo, Hawaii

UNWIN/SIMONETTI Margaret, Seattle, with Phillip, San Diego, Calif.

VALDEZ/DORSEY Rene David with Julie Ann, both of Gig Harbor

VARGO/TOFFLEMIRE Kara Marie with Melissa Lauren, both of Tacoma

VAUGHT/SHADLOW Joshua Thomas with Kimberly Kumiko, both of Tacoma

VICKROY/DUNMYRE Colleen Ada with Dale Eugene, both of Spanaway

WASHINGTON/WASHINGTON Maridonna Shizuka with Brendan Ashmed, both of Auburn

WEBB/BURNES Michael Glenn with Nora Medelina, both of Lakewood

WEISINGER/COMSTOCK James Roy IV with Stephenie Jo, both of Lakewood

WERNER/HAMMOND Devin Victor with Rachelle Marie, both of Puyallup

WEST/CHARBONEAU Andrew George with Kaycie Brianne, both of Auburn

WHITESIDE/TUXBURY Leah Pletz with Daniel Robert Jr., both of Kirkland

WILLIAMS/WIDUP Donna Elaine with Patricia Ann, both of Glendale, Ariz.

WINE/FRIEDMAN Brandon Michael with Natalie Jean, both of Lakewood

WOLF/MARTINEZ Mathew Lawrence with Dominguez Maria De Jesus, both of Lakewood

WOLFF/CLAY Justin Ray with Ashleigh Lynn, both of Tacoma

WOOD/NIEMI Erica Munro, University Place, with Edward Jarl Jr., JBLM

WULKAN/TROHIMOVICH Bruce Thomas, Olympia, with Merita Kay, Gig Harbor