Lakewood wants to hear people’s vision for city’s future

The city of Lakewood wants to know what its residents and business owners think about the city of roughly 60,000 people and the priorities they have as the city grows.

The city is beginning a community vision process that will gather information from the public at various stages over the next six months. The public comments will be combined with the work of city planners to help shape a document the city council will use as it plans for the city’s growth and policy development.

The first stage of the planning process is to gather public input and the city has created an online survey that it wants people to take. The survey asks questions about where people live or own a business or property in the city, and requests people to prioritize a list of 23 concerns or issues. Items on the list range from reducing crime and improving the city’s overall image to relieving traffic congestion and increasing bus routes. It also allows people to offer thoughts on areas where the city can improve that aren’t on the city generated list.

City planners want the plan to include topics on community image, economic development and improvements to public facilities and infrastructure. City planners will hold a public meeting in September — a date hasn’t been finalized — for people to hear about the progress of the plan. Public input will be taken at the meeting to and shape its outcome. The plan is expected to be finalized in early 2015.

To take the survey visit the city’s website at www.cityoflakewood.us/community/community-vision-plan. A link to the online survey is available on the page, as well as more information about the plan.