Marriage licenses for week ending

ALEXANDER/DEIRO Lawrence III with Delaney Victoria, both of Tacoma

ALI/COUSETT Yakubu Jamal with Ashley Danielle, both of Tacoma

ANDERSON/WOLF Allena Kristian with Joseph Christopher, both of Leesville, La.

ANSARI/SKRINAR Cyrus Earl with Emilia Margaret, both of New York, N.Y.

BAKER/RAMIREZ Christina Marie with Alvaro Jesus, both of Puyallup

BARCLAY/PHOUNG Alexander Samuel-Charles with Savin, both of Tacoma

BARNES/FRAZZINI Morgan Victoria with Todd James, both of Puyallup

BARNETT/JENKINS Ariel Christine with Akeem Jovon, both of Olympia

BECK/WINTER Shannon Laverne with Brent Richard, both of Sumner

BETSCHART/McNIVEN Jordan Cameron, Roy, with Sarah Marie, Tacoma

BEYELER/GAUDET Lindsay Nichole with Mark Curtis, both of DuPont

BICKLER/SIMMONS Bernard Louis with Alisha Anne, both of Tacoma

BOEDECKER/PERRY Katlin Alyssa with Brandon Paul, both of Tacoma

BROWN/GORDON Atiara with Moussa Grandville, both of Atlanta, Ga.

BROWN/WALKER Dondre Antonio, Tacoma, with Lashonda, Atlanta, Ga.

BROWN/LAWLER Neldon John with David Andrew, both of Tacoma

BUCHANAN/FOLK Keshia Marie with Todd Joseph, both of Puyallup

BUNDRICK/PIPER Brianna Leigh with Andrew Jay, both of Tacoma

BURGEMEISTER/JONES Linda Kay with Marchell Lynn, both of Federal Way

CABRERA/ARRIOLA Chuck Yumul with Luisa Marie Babauta, both of Lakewood

CARLETON/BUCKLEY Phoenyx Michele with Marshall Wyatt, both of Bonney Lake

CASILANG/MALANA Crisante Paragas Jr. with Lamarie Jan Margarejo, both of JBLM

CASTELBLANCO/COLON-AMADOR Melissa Natasha with Pedro Andres, both of Happy Valley, Ore.

CASTRO/ALLEN Edgar Skaday with Justin Lee, both of Lakewood

CHRISTENSEN/YUE Eric Lauritz with Guaying, both of Puyallup

CHRISTENSON/DOUGLAS Kathryn Ann with Nicholas Brady, both of Tacoma

CLARK/DU Daniel Warren, Tacoma, with Vyvyan, Des Moines

CLOUGH/HOOTS Perry Dale with Colleen Danielle, both of Tacoma

COHN/CALDER Michael Robert with Carolynn Jean, both of Puyallup

COLE/BRONS Joseph F. with Janet N., both of Bonney Lake

COMBS/GIOVANNONI Amanda Jeanne, Bonney Lake, with Mark Anthony, Puyallup

COMERY/FORD Dominick Jamarr with Catrina Lynette, both of Graham

COOLBAUGH/HART Baylee Lynne with Jett Burell, both of Puyallup

COPE/KERWIN David Michael with Brianna Marie, both of Tacoma

CURTIS/LILLIE Rebecca Ann with Michael Francis, both of Tacoma

DAVIS/HOWARD Lance Valentino Sr., Tacoma, with Jasmine Monique Julianne, Spanaway

DEDERA/YOUNG-MARTIN Cayden Michelle with Jared William, both of Pacific

DELL/GOLDSMITH Frank Lane with Lynne Susanne, both of Lakewood

DEPOLO/RINKER James Andrew with Amy Anne, both of Bonney Lake

DOOLIN/RODRIGUEZ Jeff Arthur with Sydnie Olivia, both of Puyallup

DORGAN/MOORE Julie Katherine with Joshua Christian, both of Tacoma

DORR/VOGEL Kelsey Louise with Darren James, both of Tacoma

DOW/MOUSLEY Kristine Marie with Lucas Darrel Sr., both of Tacoma

DRYGAS/NADAN Megan Elizabeth with Jitendra, both of Federal Way

EDWARDS/LAWRENCE Dustin Carson with Nicole Renee, both of Buckley

EDWARDS/WRIGHT Jason Isaiah with Sara Sue, both of Tacoma

EDWARDS/FOUNTAIN Nicholas Phillip with Jessica Alyson, both of Tacoma

EMMONS/LOGAN Marina Mae with Dallas Vernon Jr., both of Tacoma

ESCOBEDO/PANGELINAN Lydia Nichole with Joshua Peter, both of Roy

ESQUIVEL-RUIZ/DURAN Aracely with Ernesto Antonio, both of Lakewood

FAIRCHILD/KRZMARZICK Tyler David Alex with Rebecca Catherine, both of Tacoma

FLEMING/WILSON Jeremy Michael with Meagan Christine, both of Gig Harbor

FOPPIANO/WILLIAMS Nicholas Daniel with Hannah Nadine, both of Tacoma

FOX/PURDY Kaycie Dee with Nathan Robert, both of Fox Island

FRANZONE/LEAVERS Michael Amedeo, Rochester, Minn., with Sarah Alese, Redding, Calif.

GALDAMEZ/RANGEL William Alfredo with Jasmine, both of Tacoma

GALLANT/WRIGHT Katie Marie with David Lee, both of Tacoma

GALLO/GOODWIN Paul Robert with Blessing Jeanette, both of Lacey

GANWICH/STOTT Kyle Brandon with Makenzye Lyn, both of Tacoma

GARCIA/LEWANDOWSKY Krystal Naomi with Nathan Eugene, both of Spanaway

GEMLICH/FREY Bret Clifford, Union, with Malinda Joan, Gig Harbor

GORE/SOTO Michelle Cathrine with Cervantes Jose Angel, both of Tacoma

GOUPIL/PETERSON Hervey E. with Sherry F., both of Tacoma

GRANATO/SHANDS Sheniell Reynae with Charles Michael, both of Tacoma

GREGG/BALLARD Elise Ann with Jacob Christian John, both of Bonney Lake

GRESHAM/ARNOTT Sierra Nicole with Joseph Malcolm, both of Spanaway

GROW/LINDBO William David II with Dorothy Jean, both of Puyallup

HALL/SKIPWORTH Curtis Leonard Jr. with Margatina Rochelle, both of JBLM

HANSEN/FOKES Breanna J. with Justin K., both of Tacoma

HARRIS/GHUMRA Jerry Benjamin with Andrea Lorna, both of Tacoma

HASKINS/HASKINS Nathaniel Edward Sr. with April Lyn, both of Puyallup

HEMING/REDDIG Jerad William with Dru Alana, both of Steilacoom

HERNANDEZ/MUNOZ Teresa Saavedra with Ramon Rodriguez, both of Tacoma

HESSEMAN/BOLT Amanda Nicole with Michael Vincent, both of Buckley

HETLAND/LORENZO Whitney Rose with Cameron Dale, both of Olympia

HICKLE/GOEDKER Travis Ryan with Matea Leigh, both of Carbonado

HODGES/ROSS Nolan Andrew, JBLM, with Stormy McKay, Roy

HOFER/BUOL Natasha Lynise with Regan William, both of Bonney Lake

HOHNER/FARMER Charlee Kay with Brian Scott, both of Tacoma

HOWELL/HARVEY Cheyanne Heather with Kenneth Jared, both of Auburn

HUBER/BEARD Dylan James with Kailey Suzanne, both of Tacoma

HURST/GONZALEZ Marvin III, Snellville, Ga., with Castillo Veronica Michelle, Tacoma

ISHLER/REINKE Krysta Renae, Gig Harbor, with Alexander David, Lakebay

JOHNSON/DALY Janelle Lacole with Jermaine James, both of Tacoma

JOHNSON/FULTON Michelle Nicole with Robert Ichiro, both of Puyallup

KAHARE/MWANGI Peter Njunge with Dorothy Munjiru, both of Tacoma

KANE/ROTA McKenzie Desiree Nichole with Tyler James, both of Tacoma

LaCROIX/STUART Anthony William with Karen Ann, both of Puyallup

LAMERE/WHITE Buddy Lawrence with Lynette Arlene, both of Tacoma

LaPLANT/MARTIN Kylie Joann with Michael Sean, both of Tacoma

LARSON/STRECKER Carlie Nicole, Tacoma, with Glen Terance, Puyallup

LAWAL/BREMER Mohannad, Tacoma, with Danielle Marie, Lakewood

LEE/PATTERSON Antonio Lamar with Brittney Lanette, both of Tacoma

LIBERATI/GAMBOA Taylor Marie with Michael Anthony, both of Tacoma

LIDDY/HAGEN Wayne Stanford with Duanphen, both of Spanaway

LOVELLE/AMES Casey Robert with Crystal Sue, both of Lakewood

MAGUIRE/WILLIAMS Rakiah Nachelle with Napoleon Maurice III, both of Steilacoom

MANCILLA/MAXWELL Maricris Pulido with Kevin Eugene, both of Tacoma

MANGLONA/ARCE Pevian Maratita with Shawn Joseph, both of Lakewood

MANNING/MYERS Narrisa Marie, Desmoines, with Martrise Lamar, Tacoma

MARCOTTE/DURAN Gabrielle Kristine with Frankie Lee IV, both of Puyallup

MARTINEZ/HERNANDEZ Cuevas Daniel, Yakima, with Alba Luz, Dallas, Texas

MARTINEZ/BARRETT Rachel Catherine, Spanaway, with Bradley James, Tacoma

MARTINSON/BOWMAN April Louise with Mark Elliot, both of Tacoma

MASSARO/BOSTICK Tami-lynn with Michael Ryan, both of Tacoma

MASSOUD/MONTANO Maryann Moussa with Susana, both of Puyallup

MASTERSON/TERRAZAS Laura Ann with Luis Fernando, both of El Paso, Texas

McELROY/RUTKOSKY Sherai Ann with Ian Lawrence, both of Bonney Lake

McNAUGHTON/GREEN Phillip St John II with Kendra Lanette Tatyana, both of Tacoma

MELDAHL/RANES Lori Jane with Charles Edwin, both of Ruston

MILLER/FRITZ Ronald Stanley with Linda Sue, both of Tacoma

MITCHELL/JOHNSON Derrick Troy with Tawanda Sharmaine, both of Spanaway

MONAGIN/GORDON Karri Ann with Earl Kalakaua, both of Milton

MOODY/SUTTON Amber Marie, Puyallup, with Katie Lynn, Bremerton

MORGENSTERN/BOWMAN Solomon Hollywood Alyosha, Lakewood, with Christina Ann, Puyallup

MORRILL/MORRILL Robert Earl with Kristina Dawn, both of Kent

MORRISON/GILLIARDI Bryan Keith, Tacoma, with Stacy Lee, Federal Way

MUND/PRICE Amber Lacey with Richard Allan, both of Tacoma

MURPHY/QUINLIVAN Derek Paul with Peggy Marie, both of Tacoma

NEERY/DAVIS Sean Richard with Elizabeth Ann, both of Tacoma

NEWKIRK/BURNHAM Zackary Tyler with Gabriell Renee, both of Tacoma

NOEL/CONLEY Declon Devohn with Sonya Deann, both of Fife

OH/KIM James M. with Si Yeon, both of Tacoma

OLINE/EGBERT Angela Marie with Bradley John, both of Gig Harbor

OLSON/SIMPSON Bryan Scott with Ashley Anne, both of Tacoma

PARKER/POWELL Algernon with Tanya M., both of Lakewood

PATRICK/CANTRES Jessica Diane with Carlos Miguel Jr., both of Tacoma

PERRY/HERRERA Paula Ann with Perete Gumecindo, both of Tacoma

PETERSON/WHITFORD Danielle Marie with Robert Nelson, both of Bonney Lake

PIERCE/GARCIA Sarah Jaye with Micheal Lee, both of Yelm

POTTER/VAN HORN Kelsey Marie with Scott Jay, both of Puyallup

PRATER/RISTAU Scott Thomas with Kanydce Karin, both of Graham

PRESAS/REID Angela Cervantes, Henderson, Nev., with Randall Scott, Gales Ferry, Conn.

RANDALL/ATHEY Leianne Elizabeth with Joshua Gordon, both of Bonney Lake

REYES/HINOJOSA Maria Guadalupe with Adrian Cruz, both of Tacoma

RHOADS/DIAL Donna Jean with Trinnel Anthony, both of Lakewood

RISCHEN/ANDRUS Carl Gray, Gig Harbor, with Brinna, Richland

RIVERA/RAISL Gabriela Esmeralda with Steen Elijah, both of Tacoma

ROBINSON/JOHNSON Caleb Micahel with Jasmyn Lee-Ann, both of Tacoma

RODRIGUEZ/LEMUS Alejandra J. with Jonathan, both of Puyallup

RODRIGUEZ/CALDERA Jessica Ashley, El Paso, Texas, with Rocky Dennis, JBLM

ROEBEN/SADDLER Robert Joseph with Cindy Lynn, both of Tacoma

ROGERS/NGUYEN Kelly L. with An Thi Dan, both of Puyallup

ROWLAND/BURGESS Stephanie Leighann with Bret Matthew, both of Tacoma

RUMSEY/AMERO Brent Allan with Katrina Elizabeth, both of Puyallup

RUSHTON/HAAGEN Jacob James with Rachel Suzanne, both of Tacoma

SANCHEZ/ANTUS Malgorzata Maria with Michael John, both of Tacoma

SANFORD/HALL Jessica Marlene with William Blake, both of Roy

SANTANA/BUSKE Christopher Shae with Merissa May, both of Milton

SATHERN/PELLESSIER Joshua James with Aubrey Mae, both of Graham

SAVAGE/GOMEZ Scott Alan Vanderhoof, Tacoma, with Contreras Zayil, Tejupilco, Mexico

SCHWARZ/YOUNG Donna Ann with Michael Patrick, both of Bonney Lake

SEVERNS/LAFRANCE Gina Sook with Gregory Lucas, both of Tacoma

SHAFFER/WALLS Jackie Marie with Thomas Allen, both of Orting

SHANER/WATKINS Julia Christin with Jason Gilbert, both of Tacoma

SHELDAHL/MILLER David Allen, Fox Island, with Melissa Marie, Tucson, Ariz.

SINGH/DAVIS Harpreet with Amy Gace, both of Lakewood

SMITH/NILO Kelsie Jean with Lucas Scott, both of Graham

SOLORZANO/POWELL Dax Karl with Brittany Dawn, both of Tacoma

SORENSEN/JOHNSON Cody Bryan with Jessica Lynn, both of Federal Way

SOTO/IVIE Criston Manuel Jr. with Amanda Alane, both of Tacoma

SPARGO/NOVAK Joseph Brian with Christine Rose, both of Tacoma

SPEENER/GAY Ronald Eugene with James David, both of Orlando, Fla.

STEPIN/KURKOV Vasily Y., Spanaway, with Mary Ann I., Graham

SWITZER/CHIZEK Mark Austin with Kayla Marissa, both of Fircrest

THACH/ENGLUND Joseph Marcus with Chelsea Rose, both of Tacoma

THEURET/CAMPBELL Jason R. with Kelsey June, both of Orting

THILL/MORAN Lisa Jean, DuPont, with Patrick Robert, Los Angeles, Calif.

THOMPSON/JOHNSON Marcella Diane with Micah Joel I., both of Tacoma

TICE/DAVIS Stephanie Lorraine with Wayne Gary, both of Spanaway

TRITTIN/ASPLUND Michael Alan with Stevie Lee, both of Gig Harbor

TUSOW/SMITH Michael Delaire with Jaelyn Sue, both of Port Orchard

VALLEAU/OLKUS David John with Lauren, both of Milton

VAN KIRK/FOLTZ Eric Tyler with Caitlin Faith, both of JBLM

VASQUEZ-ROMERO/ROBERTS Kevin Raul with Courtney Paige, both of Graham

VENSON/MANNING Prentice Jazzmia with Nathaniel David, both of Puyallup

VILLAREAL/VITAL Marcos Salazar with Beatriz Avila, both of Lakewood

VINCENT/GRAHAM Naomi Nanette with Darren Todd, both of Puyallup

WALKER/PAPPULEAS Justin Robert with Ellie Kristine, both of Los Angeles, Calif.

WALLACE/LEMLEY Shaun Elliott, Port Orchard, with Andrea Michele, Allyn

WEBSTER/SCHROEDER Nathan Lindsay with Andrea Ruth, both of Bonney Lake

WHEELER/McLEAN Ingrid Jean with Marsha Jean, both of Tacoma

WHITEACRE/CLARK Collette R. with William A., both of Tacoma

WHITECLOUD/WILLIAMS Gordon Frank, Tacoma, with Sharon A., Aztec, N.M.

WILLIAMS/OLSON Scott Alan with Linnea Elizabeth, both of Puyallup

WILLIAMS-MASIBO/ROLING Kristina Nakhumicha with Joshua David, both of Federal Way

WILLIAMSON/ANSELMO Cory Martin with Dakota Chelan, both of Bonney Lake

WILLIS/HAMILTON Austen Ann with William Lloyd, both of Puyallup

WILSON/JENSEN Brianna Holly with Michael Erick, both of Gig Harbor

WOLERY/CROWNHART Joseph Wayne I. with Christina Kathleen, both of Lakebay

WOOD/ADELMAN Jacqueline Rose with Brian Thomas, both of Bonney Lake

WRIGHT/VOLOVSEK Trace George with Lara Beatrice, both of Tacoma

YAKIMENKO/YAKIMENKO Petr with Lyudmila M., both of Tacoma

ZACKULA/HALL Phillip Ray with Diana Alma, both of Puyallup