A multitude of reachers to help pick up items

Dear Savvy Senior: What kinds of reacher grabber tools can you recommend for seniors who need help picking things up off the ground. I bought a cheap one a few months ago that doesn’t work very well for me, and would like to find one that does. — Need a Hand

Dear Need: A good reacher grabber is a very handy tool for anyone with mobility issues. It works like an extension of your arm allowing you to reach down and pick things up off the ground without bending or stooping over. It can also help with reaching and grabbing things in high overhead places, as well as areas that are difficult to get to.

But with so many different reachers on the market today, finding a good one that works well for you is not always easy. Depending on your needs, here are some top options to consider:

Lightweight reacher: If you want a reacher primarily for picking up small lightweight items around the house, the Aluminum Reacher with Magnetic Tip by Duro-Med is multifunctional. Available in 26- and 32-inch lengths, it has a trigger-style handgrip with a serrated jaw that provides a secure grip when lifting objects. It also has a magnet built into the tip for picking up lightweight metal objects such as a paperclip, and a small hook (or horn) that aids in retrieving things such as clothes, shoes or keys. But, because of its lightweight design, it doesn’t work as well at retrieving heavier items such as canned goods from shelves.

All-purpose reacher: For retrieving small- and medium-sized items, the Ettore Grip’n Grab can handle most chores. Available in 16-, 32- and 50-inch lengths, it has a soft comfortable trigger handgrip and a rubberized jaw that’s strong enough to lift objects up to 5 pounds and up to 4 inches wide, yet sensitive enough to pick up something as small as a dime. The jaw can also swivel 90 degrees to reach things in awkward spaces.

Ergonomic handle reachers: If you have hand or wrist arthritis that makes gripping difficult, the 31-inch Medline Reacher has a handgrip that lets you use all five fingers to close the jaw for better gripping power. Or, consider the new HealthSmart GripLoc Sliding Reacher, a 43-inch two-handed reacher with a power slide handle that opens and closes the jaw (no hand squeezing required), and a twist lock that locks the jaw when it’s clinched to secure your item.

Folding reacher: For easier storage or travel, the 32-inch EZ Reacher Collapsible has a slip-joint in the arm that allows it to fold in half. It also has stainless steel fingers with silicone suction cup tips that do a nice job of picking up large and small items; and a pistol grip with an optional safety lock that locks the jaw onto items without continuously squeezing the trigger.

Adjustable length reacher: If you need a reacher for various lengths, the PikStik TelescoPik has a lockable sliding shaft that adjusts from 30-44 inches. It also has a trigger grip and a rotating rubberized jaw that can lift up to 5 pounds.

Outdoor reacher: For outdoor use, the 36-inch Unger Nifty Nabber is ideal for heavy-duty jobs. It has a rubber-coated jaw for a strong and reliable grip with a built-in magnet, an aluminum handle and can lift 20 pounds.


You can buy reacher grabbers at many pharmacies, retail, medical equipment and home improvement stores. But, because it’s a specialty item, the selection is usually limited. Your best bet is to buy one online at amazon.com, which sells all of the top reachers at prices ranging between $12-$40. Just type the product name in the search bar to find it.