Volunteers needed Wednesday for tree planting

About 100 volunteers are needed to help plant more than 900 trees Wednesday along Clarks Creek.

The project will help restore two acres of wetlands as well as cool and filter water flowing downstream. That, in turn, will bring more salmon to the area for fishermen, said Diane Kienholz, project coordinator.

Volunteers will work with the City of Puyallup, an adjacent homeowners’ association, the Washington State University Extension Service and Pierce County Conservation District.

Missionaries and members from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will help as well.

“The missionaries are just so excited to get out of their white shirts and slacks, put on their jeans and get in the mud,” Kienholz said.

Volunteers will plant thick mats of reed canary grass along with the more than 900 trees and shrubs along the stream across from DeCoursey Park.

Wednesday is expected to be wet and rainy, so volunteers should dress accordingly and bring gloves. Shovels and other equipment will be provided.

“We will be getting wet,” Kienholz said. “But you kind of want the ground soft to plant the trees and shrubs.”

To RSVP, contact Melissa Buckingham of the Pierce Conservation District at melissab@piercecountycd.org or at 253-845-9770 ext. 109.

Volunteers also can just show up and help, Kienholz said.