Tacoma’s tiger triplets named

Tacoma’s tiger triplets are nameless no more.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium says Kirana is sassy and Indah more laid back. Dari has stripes on her head that remind caretakers of the full moon under which the cubs were born five weeks ago.

To come up with names for the cubs, 7,140 people voted to name the Sumatran tiger sisters, including school children, patients at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and those who cast ballots online.

The zoo announced the results Thursday.

All three names come from Bahasa Indonesia, the Indonesian language. Kirana means beautiful sunbeam, Indah translates to “beautiful one” and Dari is short for Ndari, which means “full moon.”

The cubs have been roaming more and more around the room where they’ve been living with mother Jaya, the zoo said.

They might make their public debut in a few weeks, but that depends on how they’re doing, as well as the weather.

About 300 of the endangered animals remain in the wild, on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The cubs bring the total Sumatran tiger count in Tacoma to eight, compared to 78 overall in North American zoos.