Christmas in Gig Harbor is a nautical treat

Imagine if Santa piloted a tugboat instead of a sleigh. Or delivered toys via kayak.

He would probably feel right at home in Gig Harbor during the holidays.

Down on the waterfront decorations have a decidedly maritime flair, appropriate for a city with long ties to the fishing industry.

“It’s an important part of our maritime tradition to take guests and family, most of whom are non-boaters, out on the water for the holidays,” said Susanne Regan, administrative director of the Gig Harbor BoatShop at Eddon Boatyard, an organization designed to preserve history and promote awareness of the working waterfront. “Even when it’s cold and wet it’s important to share that tradition.”

Whether it’s a sailboat’s bow decked with boughs of holly or a porthole plugged with a wreath, there’ll be no shortage of nautical spirit for The Big Red Guy to enjoy come Christmas Eve.

Ahoy, Santa.