Fans have the Seahawks number – 12

It’s a humble flag, maybe 18 inches wide.

But you can’t miss the black-trimmed white number 12 printed on a field of Seattle Seahawks blue.

Necessity demanded Jamie Purtteman put it in the window of her guard shack outside the Temco granary alongside Ruston Way in Tacoma.

“I had to do something,” she said. “I’m not allowed to watch the game because every time I watch they lose. Friends and family and people who work here tell me not to watch.”

Not every Seahawks fan can afford tickets on the 50-yard line, but displaying the right number gets you into a club without a velvet rope — the 12th Man.

Staff photographer Drew Perine’s 12-photo essay shows the Seahawks’ feverish fans are back employing their signature digits.

Be it stitched, tattooed, painted or electrified, displays of 12s are multiplying in anticipation of Sunday’s NFC Championship match against Green Bay.

Will the Seahawks pull off a third-straight victory over the Packers?

By all appearances, they’ve got their number.