Dentist suspended after allegedly drilling into patient’s gums

The state Dental Commission has suspended a Federal Way dentist's credentials after concerns about her ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety.

Officials announced Cynthia Leu-Yeh’s license suspension Thursday after she was reviewed and found incompetent.

One patient alleged that when she went to Leu-Yeh for whitening and bonding of teeth in April 2002, the dentist was tripping on the floor and slurring her words.

According to court documents, Leu-Yeh talked to the patient about suicide – adding she had been raped and “murdered” twice. While she was talking, she reportedly drilled into the patient's gum.

The next day, an employee said Leu-Yeh appeared “high on drugs.”

A second patient in April 2002 alleged Leu-Yeh’s practices fell below the standard of care. Instead of replacing a filling, the dentist administered nitrous oxide and then applied bonding to his front teeth, the patient alleged.

The patient said the dentist appeared giddy.

Charges state that under a March 2014 commission order Leu-Yeh was required to complete a skills evaluation program.

Evaluators found Leu-Yeh had significant levels of deficiency in multiple areas, and a panel unanimously concluded she doesn’t have the knowledge or judgment to treat patients safely.

Leu-Yeh allegedly continued to practice dentistry in violation of the order.