Q&A: Olympia psychic discusses past lives, the ‘other side’ and Gig Harbor conference

Ted Mahr says he’s been in touch with the “other side” for the past 21 years.

Mahr is the host of “Out of This World” on Bellevue alternative talk radio station KKNW (1150-AM). The Olympia native and current resident is organizing the Galactic Wisdom Conference on Friday through Sunday at The Inn at Gig Harbor.

The three days of seminars will focus on psychics, UFOs and alternative healing.

“If people are interested in UFOs, psychic questions and the other side, this is the perfect chance to meet some of the best people in the world on that subject,” Mahr said.

Mahr, 60, is a former Moses Lake attorney who says he has degrees in law, anthropology, economics, urban planning and library science from several universities.

After some legal troubles he was disbarred and in 2012 decided to pursue psychics, metaphysics and ufology (the study of UFOs) full time.

He visited the newspaper to discuss the world his conference and radio show cover.

Q: How did you get interested in these subjects?

A: My foster mother started giving me readings in 1994. She found missing and lost children for the Auburn and Seattle police departments.

Q: Are these alleged psychic abilities something you’re born with or something you learn?

A: You can learn it. She taught me. The first time I walked into her place she told me everything that was on my mind and then answered all my questions before I even had a chance to enunciate them.

She then taught me how to contact spirits on the other side. When my dad died in March of 1999 he got in contact with her and he started giving me guidance ever since then.

Q: How do psychic abilities work?

A: I simply sit quietly and tune in to the other side. Don’t ask me how it works.

Q: What do you see or hear or feel?

A: I can remote view, I can travel to other places on this planet whether in the past, present or future. I can read people’s minds. I can look into the future to see what’s going to happen to a person.

But those future events are harder because it depends on people’s free will, and they can change their minds.

Q: You’ve mentioned “the other side” a couple of times. What exactly do you mean by that?

A: Do you have a grandfather who has passed away?

Q: Me? Yes.

A: He’s right there (pointing behind reporter.) He just said, do you have any questions you want to ask him.

Q: Thank you, no. I’ll just stick with you for now.

A: There are 12 different dimensions. We’re in the third. The fourth is time. A good psychic can tie in to the fifth, where time is irrelevant. Past, present and future are all happening at once. It’s also where heaven exits.

Q: What’s the goal of your radio show and this weekend’s conference?

A: To raise consciousness and make this world a better place. To teach people how they can make this world happier and more harmonious. In my radio show, I cover UFOs, psychic phenomenon, famous scientists.

Q: Tell me about the UFO aspects of the conference.

A: Part of the information is coming from benevolent extraterrestrials.

Q: One of your presenters, Scott Lemriel, claims to meet frequently with those extraterrestrials.

A: He’s been in face-to-face contact with what’s called the Galactic Alliance for the past 54 years.

There are two groups that visit this planet in this dimension. The Galactic Alliance is a group of benevolent, mostly human extraterrestrials. They love us dearly and want to help us out so we don’t destroy ourselves.

There’s another group I call the Reptilians, who feed off negativity and fear in our world. Our government has unfortunately been involved in a treaty with them since 1954. That’s why the UFO subject is secret in our government.

Q: OK, then why ...

A: Oh, they’re here.

Q: In the room? The Galactic Alliance?

A: Yes. They want to know if you want to ask them any questions. Ambassador Terwellian is his name.

Q: OK then. Ambassador, what planet are you from?

A: Seres. He says it’s 100 light years from here.

Q: Why don’t you reveal yourself to the public? I’d love to see your ship land on the White House lawn.

A: They did in 1954 but was told to keep it quiet back then so there wouldn’t be mass panic.

Q: What’s your mission on Earth, Ambassador?

A: They are transforming the planet to get rid of evil and make it a true paradise.

The Reptilians represent evil on this planet. Ambassador Terwellian says many of the world leaders are controlled by the Reptilians. That’s why when you see (President Barack Obama) at a press conference his eyes are very wide and he speaks in a monotone. You can see that in Hillary Rodham Clinton. She’s been controlled since 1994.

Q: That explains the Democrats but what about (House Speaker John) Boehner and the Republicans?

A: All controlled.

Q: Back to you, Ted. Many of your presenters are healers and deal with hypnosis, reflexology, Reiki, ear candling, pyramidology, crystals, auras and more. Mainstream science and medicine scoffs at most of this stuff. How do you handle all the naysayers and critics?

A: The proof is in the pudding. This guy (points to a photo of conference presenter Jerry Wills) is over 7 feet tall. He’s human but he says he’s not from here. He can put his hands on someone and heal them like a miracle healer. I saw him remove the alien implants from a Norwegian woman who had them for decades.

Q: How can I believe any of this? Doesn’t your field attract a lot of charlatans who just con gullible people?

A: I am getting better at identifying the charlatans. There was one lady who claimed to be in contact with UFOs and charges $500 an hour. I disinvited her when I realized what she was all about.


Q: Have you had past lives?

A: I don’t like to talk about it. My last time was in Germany. I was born in 1929. I died in 1946 after Allied bombing in ’44. I was a member of the Hitler Youth. I don’t like to talk about this. But the lesson of that lifetime was that I trusted authority. I did everything they told me to do. Blindly. In this lifetime I’m looking for answers.

Q: Any other lives?

A: Before that I lived in Indiana. I died in 1925. I was a stuntman on a biplane.

Q: That’s coincidental. My grandmother lived in Indiana and dated a biplane pilot but he died in a crash before they were married.

A: What year was that?

Q: Well, I think she married my grandfather in 1926 so it must have been just before then.

A: It’s not coincidence. … I’m asking. … Yes, I was the pilot.

Q: You were that guy?

A: Yes. I remember the day. Beautiful day. Cornfields everywhere.

Q: Small world.