Marriage licenses for week ending

BALDRIDGE/WAHMANN Janine with Susan Claire, both of Tacoma

BARGADDA/BAR Eliyahu Yosef Yitzhaq with Sinai Osnat, both of Tacoma

BARR/TITUS Nicholas with Courtney, both of Santa Monica, Calif.

BERRY/BERRY Lauresa Gean with Richard William, both of Buckley

BOSDOCK/SMITH Brandie Ann with Kenneth Ray Jr., both of Spanaway

BOUTIN/DYER Robert John with Tailer Rae, both of Roy

BOYD/CARRILLO Amanda Jane, Puyallup, with Lopez Kendor Paul, Spanaway

BRADFORD/CORGAIN Dawn Angela with Angela Marie, both of Tacoma

BROCK/SIMMONS Tommy Lee with Rhoda Nanette, both of Tacoma

BRUSHE/MIOSEK Garth Fraser with Lisa Annette, both of Graham

BRYAN/QUECK Helena Tomiko with Jesse Lee, both of JBLM

CALE/STRATIIENKO John W., Lake Tapps, with Liudmyla, Kiev, Kiev

CLAY/RUSSELL Michael Johatnan with Samantha Lynn, both of Bonney Lake

COOKE/LAMBERT Jon Mario with Dorinda Jean, both of Bonney Lake

COSGROVE/DELL Russell Joseph with Christine, both of Lakewood

COURTER/GALLEGOS Janie with Nayo, both of Tacoma

CUDNEY/MYERS-MELCHING Robert Charles, Puyallup, with Ruth Marion, Kansas City, Mo.

DEWITT/PLEIN Debra Helene with Richard Junior, both of Tacoma

DOHERTY/FERNANDEZ Karen Lee with Linda Marie, both of Bonney Lake

DOLGOVYAZOV/OLENSKA Andrey Leonidovich with Tetiana Antonivna, both of Longbranch

DOMENDEN/BALAG Charlie Barrido, Spanaway, with Ria Norcio, Puyallup

DOUGLAS/LIPPERT Donald Christopher with Sonja Mari, both of Tacoma

DUENAS/JIMENEZ Reoligio Lance Cameron with Lagunas Alisson Johanna, both of Tacoma

ELLIS/SIMPSON Tricia Lynn with Christopher Edward, both of Eatonville

EVANS/DOLLAR Abigail with Ricky Lee Jr., both of Puyallup

FEBRES/GILLIS Jessica with Lamonte Aste, both of Tacoma

FREY/STRADER Jonathan James with Stephanie Nichole, both of Puyallup

GEIST/MERRILL Brandi May with Corey James, both of DuPont

GILL/CHAMBERS Damia Jasmine, Arlington, Va., with Lawrence Edward Ricardo II, Jacksonville, Fla.

GOMEZ/DIAZ Antonio, Tacoma, with Lopez Elvia Keren, Angostura, Sinaloa

GRABASKAS/MAA Nathaniel Joseph with Carol Y., both of Tacoma

GREEN/BADER Christine Bernadette with Raymond Joseph III, both of Roy

GUZMAN/CAMARENA Jesus Edelmiro with Fombona Perla, both of Spanaway

HAISCH/VAN DEN Alexander Timothy with Berg Anje, both of Edgewood

HART/BELSKY Nancy Ann with Jeffery Roger, both of Tacoma

HENDERSON/LABAJO Lloyd Homer with Marissa Romeral, both of Bonney Lake

HEO/SUNG Hak Dol with Young Ok, both of Tacoma

HICKS/DYER Nathalie Sahrah with James Calvin Jr., both of DuPont

HOLST/WHITE Haley Dawn with Nathaniel Marquis, both of Bonney Lake

JENSEN/BEDWELL Alanna Marie with Richard Alden II, both of Buckley

JOHNSON/HOWARD Nicholas Robin with Carmelle Evelyn, both of Sumner

JOINES/KIBLER William Franklin with Melody Lynn, both of Puyallup

JONES/THOMAS Ebony Chelsea, Happy Valley, Ore., with James Isaiah, Puyallup

KELLOUGH/GOFORTH Kenneth David with Rachel Lynn, both of Tacoma

KHA/TOUCH Leap with Sokleng, both of Tacoma

KIER/REES Alyssa Louise with Michael Adam, both of Tacoma

KJELLSEN/KJELLSEN Ralph E. with Rebecca C., both of Puyallup

KNIGHT/PETERSON Morgan Olivia with Jay Tyler, both of Lakewood

LARSON/ZINN Erik A. with Lindsay L., both of Lakebay

LEONARD/UNDT Lea Dawn, Lake Tapps, with Grant Douglas, Buckley

LINDSEY/SIEGMAN Alyssa Dawn with Blake Kyle, both of Lakewood

LOCKLEAR/COOPER India Rose, University Place, with Corey Alexander, Pembroke, N.C.

MACDONALD/OWEN Ryan James with Amanda Renea, both of Lakewood

MAHONEY/GRIFFIN Sheila Ann with Michelle, both of Tacoma

MALIGRANDA/SHADDOX Dominik with Cortney Jean, both of JBLM

MANIBUSAN/MANIBUSAN Bettina Lokelani with John Jr. Tedtaotao, both of Tacoma

MARTINEZ/JUAREZ Hernandez Fransisco, Auburn, with Rodriguez Griselda Elizabeth, Tacoma

MARTINSON/PROCTOR Andrea Kristine with Alexander Gregory, both of Bonney Lake

MATHERLY/MOBLEY Philip Bidwell with Jacuelyn Elizabeth, both of University Place

McGLAMERY/JAMISON Preston Michael, Pinehurst, N.C., with Kendall Michelle, Lake Tapps

MORRISON/YANES William Fraser, Bonney Lake, with Canales Glenda Regina, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

MYERS/LEWIS Hanna Rose with Bryan Wesley, both of Tacoma

NEIDEIGH/SOULE Heidi Hynden with Jonathan David, both of University Place

NICHOLS/LOMOSBOG Lawrence Samuel with Julius Ceasar, both of Tacoma

NOLL/GREEN Christopher Scott with Amy Lynn, both of Puyallup

OBERBILLIG/ROOZEN Hayley Nichole with Zachariah Anton, both of Milton

PARKER/KUBISTEK Shawn William with Taryn Nicole, both of Tacoma

PEARSON/DAILEY Todd J. with Jacqui Mary, both of University Place

PEREIRA/BOROS Yosemith Vanesa with Paul Thomas, both of Tacoma

PETERSON/KILEMBWA Kristina M., Tacoma, with Sammy Ngovi, Everett

PIERCE/BALLARD Charlene Kaye with Ray Joseph, both of Puyallup

PILKINGTON/MASON Ray Charles with Savanna Marie, both of Tacoma

PLACENCIA/CARDOSI Jesus Jose Jr. with Taylor Marie, both of DuPont

POLAND/KAY Brooke Nicole with Michael Thomas, both of Puyallup

POUNDERS/NIXON Lindsay Marie with Seth William, both of Spanaway

POWELL/SPEER Marjorie Ann with Randall Ray, both of Eatonville

RAMOS/GLASMAN Paul M. with Elizabeth L., both of Tacoma

RATERMAN/CAL Kirsten Leigh with Jerry, both of Puyallup

RAWCLIFFE/LARUE Chelsea Nicole with Joshua Adam Michael, both of Lakewood

REMICK/WILLIAMS Maria Christina, Des Moines, with Lawrence Jay, Auburn

REVES/FERNANDEZ James Micheal with Bryonna, both of Puyallup

RICE/KELLY Sybil June with Sascha Wayne, both of Tacoma

ROLLINS/JAMES Matthew Carlton with Patricia Maelee, both of Spanaway

SANCHEZ/SANTIBANEZ Mayra with Orlando Odon, both of Tacoma

SANDOVAL/BARRON Galvan Martha Leticia with Sarillana Eloy, both of Tacoma

SECOR/MINARD Todd Michael with Maria Sheila Palaganas, both of Olympia

SHARP/DAWES Timothy David with Angela Sue, both of Edgewood

SHRADER/ANDERSON Danny Michael Sr. with Kristal Leeann, both of Spanaway

SILVA/BACA Guillermo Enrique, Tacoma, with Maryi Gisela, Brampton, Ontario

SIMONDS/SMITH Nathan Caleb with Sierra Devena, both of Tacoma

SMITH/KLINAKIS Yvonn, Buckley, with William Anthony Jr., Yelm

STRATTON/KNOX Garrett Taylor with Quinnlyn Elizabeth Anne, both of Lakewood

SWANSON/DALLY David Allyn with Alyce Yvonne, both of Buckley

TAGALOA/LOTU Taupale Rose with Derek, both of Tacoma

THOMAS/ANDERSON Kristin Johanna with Marc Joseph, both of Tacoma

TOGISE/SAPATI John Stanley with Telesia, both of Tacoma

TYLER/GRACE Michael Charles with Xiomara Arelis, both of Lakewood

WALLER/YEARBY Darryl Lamarr Jr. with Kayla Shanequa, both of Tacoma

WEST/BUTLER Jordan Christian, Fox Island, with Kimberly Joy, Gig Harbor

WILSON/McPHERSON Kelcy Nicola with Tyler Broner, both of Puyallup

WOODHEAD/PING Charles Jr. with Liang Hong, both of Spanaway

WOODLAND/SALCEDO Brandon David with Mindy Calleen, both of Sumner

YAEGER/FRANK Karen Marie, Tenino, with Curtis Lee, Graham