Kalakala relics ready for sale Friday, Saturday at Parkland storage yard

The Kalakala souvenirs are ready.

“Bring gloves and your own container,” said Mike Lano Sr., who ran the crew that scrapped the historic ferry in January for Rhine Demolition Inc. “Some of this stuff is rusty and dirty and such.”

Port holes, pistons, brass window frames and other hunks of metal from the ship will be laid out in garage sale fashion Friday and Saturday at a Parkland storage yard.

“Just kind of a wide variety of stuff, as well as unusual twisted pieces of scrap iron,” Lano said.

The sale will start at 8 a.m., and will go until 3:30 pm. both days at the warehouse at 312 140th St. S.

The relics will range in price from about $10 to $3,000. Some prices might be negotiable, others will be fixed.

Little pieces of brass from the ferry embossed with images of the ship are some of the smallest souvenirs for sale.

Among the bigger, more expensive items are several complete pistons and connecting rods, which Lano said will go for $1,500 a piece.

A crankshaft, light fixtures and railings will be for sale as well.

The Rhine Demolition office was flooded with hundreds of calls and emails about souvenirs after the Kalakala was taken to the scrap yard. Lano said the company plans to go through the contact information it took from people seeking tidbits, to call and let them know about the sale.

Buyers will be able to buy their Kalakala wares with Visa, Mastercard or cash. No checks.