Recently, on my way to my part-time job, I ran out of gas near home in the Bayview Estates in the Dash Point area. I started to walk up the very steep hill when I realized there was no way I was in shape for such a trek.

A car came down the hill, and I asked the driver — his name was Mark — if he would take me to the top of the hill, where I was supposed to be at work in four minutes.

He turned his car around and I hopped in. When we got to the top he said he had a gas can and would be glad to get the gas and put it in my car when he got back from his appointment.

He assured me he had been in bad situations and hated to see people in a jam.

Mark did come back for my keys. He wouldn’t take any money and even brought his daughter to drive his car. Then he drove my car up the hill so I wouldn’t have to walk back down to get it.

Isn’t it amazing that a good Samaritan of this caliber exists evenin this day and age? With people like Mark in the world, I now believe in the kindness of strangers.

Veda Baldwin