Volunteer of the day gets a little too close to the action

David Kimmerly was posted at the 18th hole Monday, holding the ropes, directing spectators and answering miscellaneous questions.

Kimmerly is commuting from Bellevue for the week, and said it hasn’t been a terrible drive so far.

He was a valuable resource to passersby, not only telling people how to get to a specific hole but also what kind of action the course had seen throughout the day.

And he and another volunteer, Joel Grant of Bothell, might have been a little too close to that action early Monday.

“We almost got hit by (Tiger Woods’ ball) this morning when we were up on the fairway,” Kimmerly said, laughing.

Kimmerly said he’s volunteered at other golf tournaments in the area before, including the Boeing Classic, but Chambers Bay is his first U.S. Open. He was surprised about the early turnout.

“There’s a lot of people out here for a Monday practice round,” Kimmerly said.