U.S. Open volunteer of the day has answers, including directions to the nearest toilet

Richard Wunderle is the “answer man” at the information booth near the Nos. 4, 6 and 15 tee boxes.

The one question he’s answered most in his two days of volunteering at the U.S. Open?

“Where’s the bathroom?” the good-natured Wunderle said Tuesday.

Wunderle, 46, is a University Place resident who often walks his dogs along the trails of Chambers Creek Regional Park. He doesn’t golf but jumped at the chance to volunteer.

“It’s a huge event for University Place and the Pierce County area,” he said.

He’s taking vacation from his job with the Internal Revenue Service in Seattle to help people find their way around the Chambers Bay course, which can be tricky to navigate with its undulating hills and meandering fairways.

“People are having a hard time matching the maps, which are two-dimensional, with the layout of the course,” Wunderle said. “They want to know, ‘If I’m here at No. 4, how do I find my golfer again?’ ”

Mainly, though, they’re looking for the can.

“Yeah, I’d say that’s about 80 percent of the questions,” he said with a smile.