Despite crowds, lines seem to be speedy at Chambers Bay

U.S. Open attendees might liken the lines at Chambers Bay to those at Disneyland.

And much like the so-called “Happiest Place On Earth,” people in the lines around the golf course appeared laid back and cheery Thursday.

“It’s clear they know exactly what they’re doing,” Chris Jackson said of the United States Golf Association. “Everything from transportation to the tournament.”

The Lakewood resident was on his way out of the merchandise tent, which was jam-packed with people funneling through the narrow aisles of apparel and souvenirs.

How long did it take for him to pay for his bag of goodies?

“About 10 seconds,” he said.

Despite the apparent lines at attractions and concessions, people seemed pleased with how fast those lines were moving.

Jennifer and Rich Morgan of Bellingham waited in a lengthy line for food in Spectator Square. But as they chatted with a News Tribune reporter, the line swiftly moved along.

“We’ve been waiting about five minutes,” said Jennifer Morgan, who was about halfway toward the concession cashier.

Her husband had no complaints, either. He said the championship overall has ran smoothly.

“It’s been great,” he said.