Flowers from Sumner company add color to Chambers Bay

Central Meadow at Chambers Bay has transformed from a large swath of open space to U.S. Open Spectator Square, and a local company is responsible for the pop of color.

Sumner-based Windmill Gardens provided the flowers for the square and elsewhere around the golf course in the company’s largest single-delivery order ever.

“It was perfect timing,” owner Ben DeGoede said, noting that the order fell during the usual slowdown after Mother’s Day. “It’s been a lot of fun.”

The nursery provided 100 hanging plants, between 300 and 400 preplanted containers, and between 600 and 700 flats for flower beds.

“All the color would be from Windmill,” DeGoede said.

The United States Golf Association approached Windmill Gardens requesting the service, and DeGoede said there wasn’t any competition.

“They asked if we wanted to do it,” he said.

And they did. About a dozen people were in charge of filling the order, which was delivered by a fleet of trucks from June 8 through June 10.

A Chicago-based company was contracted to place, plant and maintain the flowers, DeGoede said.

“We just supplied the plants,” he said.