Doctor volunteered at US Open to see the spectacle

Dr. Harold Boyd is not a golfer and, for that matter, he’s not even particularly interested in watching golf — even the best in the world.

So why did he volunteer to work 16 hours at the first aid station at the 2015 U.S. Open?

“Just the spectacle, I guess,” Boyd said Thursday, midway through his 1-8 p.m. shift. “That, and I just wanted to help out and see what it was like.”

Most of the time, Boyd is an emergency room doctor in Tacoma. The group he’s in, Tacoma Emergency Care Physicians, is contracted by MultiCare to work at Allenmore, Tacoma General and the Covington emergency department. He’s one of more than 100 MultiCare workers volunteering at the Open.

“I honestly didn’t think there would be this many people,” Boyd said, watching the multitudes stream past the first aid station. “I haven’t taken care of many people, fortunately, but the ones I’ve seen have been from all over the country — Alabama, California, the East Coast. One woman just flew in from Nice.”

He’s seen no real emergencies at the tournament, but plenty of blisters, allergic reactions, minor cuts and headaches.

Having witnessed the spectacle, would he do it again?

“I probably would,” Boyd said. And then with a grin, “Maybe not.”