Marriage licenses for week ending Aug. 14, 2015

The News Tribune

ABBANANTO/MELLIS Kelly O.’Donnell, Oklahoma City, Okla., with Kristen Paige, Tacoma

AINSWORTH/WALDROOP Christina Saenz with Timothy Richard, both of Bonney Lake

ALMOGELA/HALE Justin Gary with Sierra Summer, both of Spokane

ANDERSON/FERBER Brian Roger with Anne Katherine, both of Tacoma

ANDERSON/HUME Jordan Michelle, Eatonville, with John Marvin, Roy

ANDERSON/PENDLETON Zachary Lee with Jessica Lee, both of Lakewood

APPLE/LINDSTROM Tara R. with Torsten A., both of Orting

APRIL/ZUNIGA Rene Michelle with Ramos Camilo, both of Lakewood

ASHFORD/YAMAMOTO Jarod Lee with Nicole Yuki, both of Tacoma

BARBER/WITCH Andrew Lee with Frederick Adam, both of Tacoma

BARKER/ACCETTURO Joel Micah with Kathleen Ann, both of Tacoma

BASHER/LAHTI Dakota Noel with Ian Edward, both of Tacoma

BEAN/GALBRAITH Ashley Nicole with Ian Niles, both of Wilkeson

BECERRA/MURWIN Keeshanna Maria, Lakewood, with Shawn Michael, Tacoma

BEERS/HARDMAN Jacob Sebastian, Fox Island, with Juliana Gabrielle, Orem, Utah

BERNHARDSEN/PRICE Scott N. with Natasha M., both of Tacoma

BOONSTRA/BAILEY Joshua Allen, Buckley, with Allison Joy, Orting

BRANDON/FAIVRE Nicole Therese with Nicole Elizabeth, both of Gig Harbor

BREWER/WILLIAMS Jack Ross III, JBLM, with Megan Lee, Lakewood

BURDETTE/ANDERSON Anne Mae with Jordan Douglas, both of Gig Harbor

BURDSALL/PEREZ-MERCADO James Joseph with Alexus Vanessa, both of Tacoma

BURGIN/BUSKENESS Alisha Renee with Shane-Michael, both of Puyallup

CANNON/ROBERTS Shaden Jaymes with Cassandra Huttner, both of Tacoma

CARINI/PETERSON Megan Rose with Kyle James, both of University Place

CENDEJAS/WALLIS Amanda Lynn, Puyallup, with Christopher Edward, Tacoma

CHAMBERS/HARDING Craig P. with Ashley Elizabeth, both of Lakewood

CHANG/FREY Joy Yea with Logan Hillard, both of Bonney Lake

CHASE/FAZIO Janelle Ellen with Keffrey Jay Louis, both of Seattle

CHAYKIN/MASON Nathan Alexander with Skylar Zarah, both of Puyallup

COCKRILL/DELANO Tara Elizabeth with Tyler Clinton, both of Tacoma

COOK/KNIERY Sarah Caitlin with Kevin Ryan, both of Tacoma

COOPMAN/HYKE Joshua Kai with Kayla Marie, both of Puyallup

CORPOLONGO/DONOGHUE Mark Michael with Julia Ann, both of Tacoma

COVARRUBIAS/REYES-LOPEZ Said E., Tacoma, with Gabriela A., Bonney Lake

CURRY/SAMUEL Ericka Angelique, University Place, with Kionte Devon, Darlington, S.C.

DAMBERGS/CADDOCK Lucas Alexander with Joy Elizabeth, both of Tacoma

DANIELS/SANDERS Brent Edmond with Ariel Michele, both of Tacoma

DAVENPORT/WOODARD Michael Joseph with Amanda Suzanne, both of Tacoma

DAVIS/CIOLEK Darius Lee with Carlotta Anne, both of Puyallup

DAVIS/WILLIAMS Mark M. with Marsha Jane, both of Spanaway

DAVIS/WATKINS Wanda Lee with Jeri Lynn, both of Federal Way

DINSMORE/OTTENBREIT Brad Alan, Tacoma, with Erika Michelle, Marysville

DO/CAO Bay Dinh, Auburn, with Thuvan, Tacoma

ELZEY/ASBY Kari Lynn with Tyrone Ross, both of Gig Harbor

ETHENGAIN/TERWILLIGER Troy with Christina Marie, both of Tacoma

FOSTER/JONES Kadora Princhella with Georgetta Marie-Aujhane, both of Federal Way

FREEMAN/MAXEY Danielle Renee with Cornelius James, both of Tacoma

GARCIA/AGUILAR-SAGRERO Pena Aron with Paola C., both of Tacoma

GENTSARYUK/PUKHAREVA Roman V., Tacoma, with Margarita V., Estacada, Ore.

GIBBS/ELNEI Nathaniel Charles, JBLM, with Imelda, Lakewood

GJERSTAD/MAURIN Matthew Vernon with Sabra Dawn, both of Tacoma

GODINEZ/SKODA Adan Israel with Lyndsay Jean, both of Puyallup

GONZALEZ/PACIANO Dolores Ann Marie with Robert Edward, both of Spanaway

GRAHAM/MOLINARO Glen with Christine, both of Tacoma

GRAHAM/ARAUJO Janet Vivian with Genitt Muro, both of Gig Harbor

GRANLUND/BARRETT Jennifer Althea with Hunter Paradis, both of Gig Harbor

GRAY/JANKIEWICZ Elizabeth Diane with Rene Rochelle, both of Tacoma

GRIGORYAK/THOMPSON Olga Petrovna with Anthony Bryon, both of Tacoma

GROTTS/BAIRD Ritola Mandy Marie with Auston Perry, both of Puyallup

GUSTAFSON/REMITZ Jordan Bendik with Chelsey Dawn, both of Tacoma

HA/LARSON Janice with Garrett Lee, both of Puyallup

HAAS/BALDRIDGE Corissa Elyse with Mathew Wayne, both of Orting

HALDEMAN/LOONEY Madelyn Huntington, Bellevue, with Christopher Scott, JBLM

HANSON/SPENCER Jessie Lynn with Nathan Robert, both of Bonney Lake

HARVEY-GARCIA/REYNOLDS Schuyler Michael, JBLM, with Abigail Marynn, Beaverton, Ore.

HEINTZ/CANDLER Joshua Linden, Maple Valley, with Moriah Lois, Wilkeson

HENDRICKS/TAYLOR Michael Earl with Rebecca Anne, both of Tacoma

HENG/LEGNOSKY Linda with Christopher Eric, both of Tacoma

HICKS/LEIGHTON Aki Ann, Eatonville, with Miles Yuichi, Puyallup

HYLE/TORGERSON Taylor Marie with Kory Gene, both of Fircrest

IFFT/SMITH Amanda Debbie with Max Knight, both of Puyallup

IRVING/RODMAN Travis Michael with Crystal Hephzibah, both of Port Orchard

JACKSON/YEAGER Inna Lynette with Leeann Marie, both of JBLM

JIMENEZ DIAZ/DE LA CRUZ Rosa Elba with Raymundo, both of Tacoma

JOHNSON/DRAH Felicia T., JBLM, with Fred Kwabena, Grovetown, Ga.

JOHNSON/TAXIER Rawley Garrett with Rebecca Gail, both of Tacoma

JUNDI/PULLEY Tyler with Haley, both of Tacoma

KALLENBACH/WILLIAMSON Brittany M., Lacey, with Andrew S., Bremerton

KANG/BYUN Changok with Ok Kyung, both of Tacoma

KARRY/SILVA Shaun Michael Sr. with Veronica Marie, both of Puyallup

KENT/FISHER Steven Michael with Jennifer Hope, both of Puyallup

KINDIG/NICHOLSON Casey Roxanne, Puyallup, with David Andrew, Tacoma

KLINK/WILDER Jonathan Michael with Alysha Nicole, both of Lakewood

KOZANITIS/WILSON Elaine Marie with Marlea Diane, both of Puyallup

KRAEMER/ROCCO Anton V. with Shawnese Marie, both of Beaverton, Ore.

LANGE/PARKER Jennifer Ann with Donald Lee, both of Edgewood

LARSON/RAMIREZ Shawn Corey with Mildred Nmn, both of Lakewood

LAUF-SMITH/DAHLIN Nicole Elizabeth with Natasha Rose, both of Puyallup

LAWLER/PARKER Sarah Jeanette with Graham Christen, both of Tacoma

LEATHAM/COLEMAN Cameron Moss with Jenna Marie, both of Lakewood

LEE/WAGHIYI Duxie Ellington Jr. with Loraine, both of Federal Way

LEGERE/DELANTES Vernon Lee Joseph, Olympia, with Leslie Montemor, Lakewood

LENNOX/WEBSTER John Westin with Kayla Marcella Alyse, both of Tacoma

LEWIS/SKIPWORTH Heather Ranee with Matthew Francis, both of Orting

LEWIS/PERRY Lindsey Nicole with Tylor John, both of Lakewood

LIND/McKENNA Allison Robins with Matthew Edward, both of New York, N.Y.

LONGVER/CRELLING Jennifer Lee with Danny Lee, both of Tacoma

LOVEJOY/GROGAN Dwayne Marvin, Bonney Lake, with Judith Lucille, Auburn

LUNDEN/HAGEN Kurtis Andrew with Carissa Marie, both of Orting

LUZHNYKH/GAYDARZHI Ilya A., Puyallup, with Inna, Tacoma

LWALI/CARLOS Racha, Los Angeles, Calif., with Jesus Maria Grant, Tacoma

MANNING/KELLEY Steve Dean with Laura Irene, both of Graham

MARKHAM/LA DIEM David Cory Sr. with Thi, both of Lakewood

MARSHALL/MEAD Patrick Scott with Shaelynne Louise, both of Tacoma

MARTINEZ/TAYLOR Brett Daniel, Graham, with Gyseka Irene, Tacoma

MASON/LINDSAY James Robert with April Catherine, both of Puyallup

MATHENA/LOVELACE David Lyle with Janet Maria, both of Puyallup

MAYFIELD/BAKER Devan Elizabeth with Allen Gabriel, both of Bonney Lake

MAYORQUIN/ARNOLD Marco Antonio Jr. with Angela Susanne, both of Tacoma

McELREA/McMEANS Winston Guy with Beth Ann, both of Tacoma

McFATE/KROTZER Michelle Danielle, Graham, with Rikel Scott, Puyallup

McKEE/ROBINOWITZ-MASTINI Corey James with Michaela Truth, both of Tacoma

MELOT/CARMAN Britany Amber with Nicholas Allen, both of Puyallup

MENDOZA/MENDOZA Lydia Santos with Edgardo Sison, both of Lakewood

MIHELICH/GALLAS Kathleen Cora with Glenn Herbert, both of Puyallup

MILLER/LARSON Jackson with Tiffany, both of Tacoma

MILLER/GILBERT Lisa Gaye with Michael Grant Jr., both of Graham

MILLER/ASCOLI Samuel Stewart, Renton, with Marcella May, Kirkland

MILNER/RIDGWAY Jacklyn Anne Marie, Puyallup, with Ryan Alan, Spanaway

MITCHELL/FUJIMOTO Laura Ann with Daniel Michael, both of San Francisco, Calif.

MONTOYA/PELOUS Michael Aquino with Michelle Nichole, both of Tacoma

MOORE/MEYERS Dameon Lamont with Orianna Rochelle, both of Puyallup

MORAN/HAIRE Jack William Jr. with Wendy Sue, both of Spanaway

NAEA/WEST Erin Jasmin Leiola, Spokane Valley, with Devan Micheal, Tacoma

NAMENIUK/ORTIZ Forrest Glen with Nicholle Carmen, both of Puyallup

NARESSI/JONES Felipe with Caroline Soberano, both of Lakewood

NELSON/FABIS Daniele Marie with Jonathan Thomas, both of Lakewood

NEWMAN/NIELSEN Thomas Z., JBLM, with Phoenix Sierra, Bonney Lake

ODELL/CURFMAN Tiffany Jeanette with Sean Frederick, both of Tacoma

PANGELINAN/DA ALEX Kelsea Lynn Herrero, Spanaway, with Micheal, Tacoma

PARKER/POWELL Algernon with Tanya M., both of Lakewood

PEREZ/IRONS Patrick Dennis with Katherine Shanah, both of Tacoma

PETERSON/FRANCIS Jacob Michael with Alexandra Suzanne, both of Tacoma

PRATT/LOWE Denise Annette with Gerald Matthew, both of Puyallup

PRESTON/HENDERSON Nathan Waine with Erin Marie, both of Tacoma

PRITCHARD/MARTINEZ Brian Augustus with Naome Marie, both of Lake Tapps

PROSSER/WHITLOCK Kelly Ryan with Jessica Marie, both of Tacoma

QUARLES/LACY Jestina with Charlie Earl, both of Seattle

RAMIREZ-ESTEVEZ/AYALA-REYES Christine Lynnea with Erwin Ezequiel, both of Lakewood

RHOADES/HOUSER Brittany Kaitlin with Nicholas Jonathon Wayne, both of Puyallup

RIPLEY/FERNANDEZ Kori John with Marie Grace Balano, both of Fife

RIVAS/LARA Escudero Jonatan, Vaughn, with Zuleyma, Puyallup

ROBERTS/FONTENOT Michael Carl Jr. with Tamara Linnae, both of Puyallup

ROCHELLE/MENDEZ Chad Michael, Kent, with Diane Margaret, Puyallup

ROCKWOOD/GUNN Trulan James, Enumclaw, with Savanha Diane, Buckley

RODRIGUEZ/FORD Jessica Kay with Zackary M., both of Graham

RODRIGUEZ/SALAZAR Jose G. with Sandra E., both of Federal Way

ROEN/McNIEL Catherine Virginia with Andrew Wilfrid, both of Kent

ROPES/DAVIS-STOCKMAN Alex Ashley with Adam, both of Tacoma

RUCCI/ENGEBRETSON Danielle Nicole with Lee Myron, both of Gig Harbor

SALDIBAR/PFENNIGWERTH Patrick Andrew with Katie Leigh, both of Tacoma

SCHROEDER/KEENER Thomas David with Katie Rose, both of Puyallup

SCRIBNER/CHESLEY Jessie Reed with Ashley Lynn, both of Tacoma

SINGH/SANDHU Kaljinder with Jatinder Kaur, both of Kent

SLOAN/LOPEZ Sara Ann, JBLM, with Michael Lente, Pagosa Springs, Colo.

SMITHSON/COOK Doreen, Olympia, with Daniel Henry, Lakewood

SNOW/DAVIS Brandi Marie with Christopher Michael, both of Graham

SOH/CHEON Heesoo with Dasom, both of Tacoma

STAPEL/KLATT Brett Raymond with Johanna Marie, both of Bonney Lake

STEVENSON/WELKER Christopher Wayne with Susanna Dee, both of Roy

STOPOULOS/BOYSEN Ian Wesley with Brittney Rae, both of Spanaway

STORY/ROLLINS Alexander Hennessey with Juavonne Monique, both of Lakewood

SUD/SALAZAR Jonathan Michael with Daisy Dawn Perez, both of JBLM

SULIK/FUNK Victoria Lee with Justin Lee, both of Puyallup

SULLIVAN/OTTWELL Daniel Robert with Alycia Kay, both of Orting

SUMINA/SUMINA Nina with Momo, both of Sumner

THACH/MONTANO Dara with Thomas Jonathan, both of Lakewood

THOMPSON/JOHNSON Andrea Danielle with Christopher Blake, both of Salt Lake City, Utah

THOMPSON/MASTERS Terence Riley III, Humble, Texas, with Lisa Marie, University Place

TOLLEY/SPOONER Charles D., Graham, with Nicole Marie, Spanaway

TOST/McDANIEL Stephanie Joan with EJ Robert, both of Buckley

TRAN/NGUYEN Hai Thanh with Kim Hong Thi, both of Tacoma

TURNER/DECAMP Larry Steven with Gina Diane, both of Puyallup

VEGA/RODRIGUEZ Rubio Moises with Monica Alejandra, both of Gig Harbor

VESEY/SELLERS Amanda Jolane with Jase Michael, both of Carbonado

WADE/COOKSEY-GISH Adrienne Marie with Jarrett Andrew, both of DuPont

WAHL/VANVALKENBURGH Gregory Ross with Rebecca Rene, both of Graham

WELCHES/CALDER Osorio Seydi Yadira with Jesse, both of Tacoma

WESEN/SCHWANTNER Brycen Glen, Centralia, with Erin Marie, Graham

WILSON/KRENKE Ann Elizabeth with Kristopher Ford William, both of Puyallup

WINN/WHITE Katlin Michele with Kc Lee, both of Tacoma

WOODRUFF/SCHROEDER Casey Brandon with Britney Faith, both of Steilacoom

WRIGHT/TROEH Anita Ann, Tacoma, with Bryce Eric, Puyallup

WYSK/PATE David Allen with Sheryl Naomi, both of University Place

YNFANTE/McMILLEN Devon Palin, Tacoma, with Giselle Marie, Kingston

ZETTERBERG/HOMEYER Laura Ashley with Christopher Michael, both of University Place