Marriage licenses for week ending Sept. 2, 2016

ABELL/BLOOMQUIST Jessica Nicole, Steilacoom, with Hannah Kathryn, Tacoma

AGUILAR ROSAS/RODRIGUEZ RUIZ Mayra Elizabeth with Jesus, both of Lakewood

AJVAZI/RAMADANI Donika with Muhamed, both of Tacoma

AL/KANE Rashaideh Moussa Hussein with Jessica Lindsey, both of Tacoma

AMESQUITA/SPRAYBERRY Moses Jacob with Jessica Joy, both of Tacoma

ANGULO/GREENE Samantha Raquel with Christopher James, both of Puyallup

ATTISSO/KINYANJUI Julie Ann with Duncan Muiruri, both of Tacoma

AWA/KAEKA John Kawaimahu Iv with Krisi-tina, both of Tacoma

BACCUS/REWOLDT Nicole Elizabeth with Tyler Louis, both of Renton

BAKER/MUNOZ Brian M. with Kelsey K., both of Roy

BANKHEAD/HOGMAN Addison Taylor, Tacoma, with Angela Lynnette, Puyallup

BARRETT/REDMAN Dean Anthony with Leslie Carol, both of University Place

BARTRAM/FERGUSON Brittany Marie with Gary Lee, both of Puyallup

BECKER/MOLHOEK Jessica Nicole with Zachary Cole, both of Tacoma

BEREZHNOI/MORGAN Evgenii with Joseph Gavin, both of Tacoma

BLESSING/CRAIG Michelle with Douglas, both of Bonney Lake

BONES/VAUGHN Latisha Correnn, Tacoma, with Patrick David, Monroe

BRANHAM/GOFF Richard Benjamin with Jessica Michelle, both of Tacoma

BREWER/HOUGHTON Phillip Lee with Cynthia Lynn, both of Puyallup

BRIDGE/WILLIAMS Zachary Joshua with Taylor Nichol, both of Chickamauga, Ga.

BRIGHT/ADDIS Robert Dean, Tacoma, Calif., with Marilee, San Diego, Calif.

BROOKS/NORIEGA Helen Lee with Patricia Ann, both of Tacoma

BROOKS/PERRIELLA Keith Cloutier with Bonnie Deanne, both of Eatonville

BROWN/KULLMAN Andrew Richard with Morgan Laurine, both of Tacoma

BROWN/MOORE Rick Joe with Megan Allison, both of Tacoma

BURRELL/ROMANOSKY Janine Ann with Joseph Daniel, both of Anchorage, Alaska

CACHAY/GRIFFIN Daniel with Marcella Jean, both of Tacoma

CARBONE/SOLOMONSON Katie Ann-marie with Brandon Scot, both of University Place

CARTER/RILEY Brittanie Lynn, Saint John, Ind., with Brett Max, Lowell, Ind.

CASTANEDA/ANDERSON Violeta Elisa with Jeffrey Leland, both of Puyallup

CHALLENGER/DYER Heidi Julann with George Francis, both of Gig Harbor

CHAPMAN/NGUYENTRAN Ray Loren Sr. with Tina Thu, both of Gig Harbor

CLARK/PELLEGRINI Lan William with Jessica Lynn Marie, both of Bonney Lake

CLOYD/CULP Amber Nicole with Daniel Patrick, both of Milton

COOGAN/GARL Ross Thomas Jr. with Laurie Lynn, both of Lake Tapps

CORTEZ/ISIDOR Jose Genaro with Silvia, both of Spanaway

DALLAS/WARNER-TANNIS Calvin. L. III, Covington, Georgia., with Niamyah S., Lakewood

DERIC/DRAGAN Ivan Vladimir II with Ianna Ivan III, both of Tacoma

DONHAM/RICHILEAU Vanessa Railene, Tacoma, with Anastazja, Las Vegas, Nevada

DRAEGER/HANSEN Ashleigh Anne with Bradly Kevin, both of Puyallup

FALK/SANCHEZ Michael Collin with Fuentes Carolina, both of Tacoma

FARNUM/GONZALEZ Brandi Rachele with Victoria Nancy, both of Tacoma

FERRIER/BAUER Kenneth Leslie, Atlanta, Ga., with Ann Melissa, Cambridge, Massachusetts

FORD/McMICHAEL Shaunn M. with Cecelia, both of Tacoma

FRAWLEY/SNOW Francisco Martin Jr. with Heaven Leigh, both of Tacoma

FREEMAN/LANE Dashawna J. with Eric Matthew, both of Tacoma

GARCIA/GONZALEZ Damian Nabor Onofre with Aleah Jacqueline, both of Tacoma

GARDNER/FRIES Kathryne Glynn with Croix Austin, both of JBLM

GIBERTI/TOSI Chambree Cheyanne with Alexander Jay, both of Tacoma

GODWIN/WILKERSON Jill Margaret with Darren Wayne, both of Puyallup

GOMEZ/THOMPSON Austin Tomas with Jessica Rae, both of Puyallup

GRAFF/HAUMANN Melanie R. with John A., both of Lakewood

GREENLAND/LOBAINA-RAMIREZ Aleissia Makayla with Arley, both of Puyallup

GRIMES/HAWKINS Douglas Wayne with Mary Irene, both of Maple Valley

HAGERTY/CHURCHILL Danielle Rose, Graham, with Kody Robert, Roy

HARTWIG/COLLINS Steven Karl with Sarah Jean, both of Maple Valley

HAWKINS/COBLEY Michael David Jr. with Kayla Emily, both of University Place

HENSIEK/PENA Dawn Eilene with Luis Antonio, both of Tacoma

HERMOSURA/MENA Samantha with Hugo Deluna, both of Poulsbo

HERNANDEZ/ROWLETTE Roxanne Alicia with Lamar J., both of Tacoma

HEWITT/HEINZMAN Nicholas Andrew with Brittany Leeann, both of Tacoma

HILEN/ALVESTAD George Jeffrey with Monica Dee, both of Gig Harbor

HOCKING/MAESTAS Brianna Dee with Eric Christopher, both of Tacoma

HOEFLE/DECKER Shaun Hardy with Blaire Dnae, both of Tacoma

HOGAN/XIAO John, Port Townsend, with Xiuzhi, Gig Harbor

HUTCHENS/RICHMOND Ashley Danielle with Travis Logan, both of Puyallup

IRVING/TURNER Nathan Stephen with Courtney Allyn, both of Spanaway

JEROME/SPRINKLE Kelly N., Oak Harbor, with Kyle P., Thornton, Colo.

JOHNSON/SIGMON Loren Marvin II with Ciara Ann, both of Gig Harbor

JOHNSON/GREGG William Roger with Sarah Marie, both of Bonney Lake

JONES/VALDES Mark Thomas with Christine Louise, both of Puyallup

JORDAN/HART-KARBER Joseph Bernard with Gretchen Analiese, both of Puyallup

JOSEPHSEN/HOPKINS Thaddeus Theodore with Tracey Jean, both of Gig Harbor

JUBELL/HAACKE Jimmy with Telma I., both of Milton

KANG/VILLAGOMEZ-MORALES Christopher Joon Bean with Ireri, both of Tacoma

KAPOTSY/MANRRIQUEZ Eva Cheyenne, Rainier, with Angel Antonio, JBLM

KELLY/CAUGHEY Kenneth William with Jody Lynn, both of Tacoma

KIM/HAN Joon Gi with Weon Mi, both of Lakewood

KINSLEY/DOAN Kimberly Anne with Shawn David, both of Tacoma

KUEHN/SELFORS Hillary Ruth, Buckley, with Matthew Scott, Puyallup

KULIEN/GRUENSTEIN Mark Odin with Rochelle Renee, both of Tacoma

LACKIE/ZIRKLE Amie Marie with Michael Mason Ely, both of Puyallup

LAKETA/DEPAUL Nikola Thomas with Bayley Brynne, both of Gig Harbor

LEARY-LEHMAN/ROBINSON-MACKLIN Daija Nicole with Shane L., both of Tacoma

LEE/LEE Kang-Suk with Okrae, both of Olympia

LICEAGA/SANCHEZ Deanna C. with Robert B., both of Tacoma

LOHR/BARLET Trischa Mackenzie with Thomas Patrick, both of Tacoma

LOPEZ-BAEZ/KUNZ Derrick with Danielle Marie, both of JBLM

MACISAAC/LEVIEN Morgan Lynn with Benjamin Charles, both of Puyallup

McCONNELL/WESTON Gregory Allen with Michelle Anne, both of Puyallup

McKINNON/MARTIN Cameron Douglas with Maggie Ann, both of Tacoma

McKNIGHT/JOHSNON Eric Jabez with Jessica Anne, both of Spanaway

McLAUGHLIN/LEWIS Scott Michael with Erin Linn, both of Federal Way

MEDINA/ALEXANDER Francisco Jr. with Courtney Janaye, both of Spanaway

MELENDEZ/HERRERA Josue Omar, JBLM, with Sarai, Gig Harbor

MERCADO/McCARTHY Katharina Angelique with Regis Isaac, both of DuPont

MERLISS/LITTAU Miriam Rose with Ian Jacob, both of Tacoma

MILLER-MARTINEZ/VALENZUELA Alexandra J. with Porfirio III, both of University Place

MOCERI/SEBASTIANO Nicholas A. with Lisa S., both of Graham

MOYER/HERNANDEZ Luke Robert with Bianca Elizabeth, both of University Place

NORMAN/CHOATE Ryan James with Elizabeth Margaret, both of Gig Harbor

O’NEIL/CONWAY Keith Jerome with Ruiz Crystal Marie, both of DuPont

OMERO/AUSBUN Nicole Alexandra with Jordan Christopher, both of Graham

OSTER/SANNES Kyle Christian with Amanda Lea, both of Tacoma

PAINE/KESTER Barbara Lee with Kurtis Leland, both of Eatonville

PEREZDeJESUS/TROCHE ALCANTOR Joseph Miguel, Lakewood, with Alejandra Josephine, Puyallup

PETTERS/NEHRING Samuel Isaac, Cambridge, Wis., with Theresa Catherine, JBLM

PICKFORD/GRILEY Owens Kalei with Sigal, both of Puyallup

POLLOCK/SMITH Mark Edward Sr. with Jessica Ashley, both of Tacoma

PREBLE/ZANE Robert with Leslie, both of Puyallup

RAMOS VELAZQUEZ/STONE Hector A., DuPont, with Jennifer, Renton

RIOS-ROSADO/CASTELLANOS CASTRO Raynell with Wilma A., both of Tacoma

ROBERGE/LARSEN Yvette Monique with Gail Scott, both of Puyallup

ROCHA/GONZOL Eliseo with Sarah, both of Tacoma

RUDY/JOHNSON Jonathan R., Lakewood, with Chelsea E., Enumclaw

SANDLIN/STARKOVICH Katie Lynn, Maple Valley, with Travis John, Bonney Lake

SANDOVAL/SOEUN Francisco Daniel with Sophanny, both of Tacoma

SCHAUER/MURPHY Aidan N. with Laura N., both of Tacoma

SCHLOEGEL/HAGEDORN Ronald Arthur with Jeanne Lily May, both of Federal Way

SCHLUETER/HARTORY Aaron Dylan-Scott with Kaylee Lynn, both of JBLM

SCHMIDT/PAGE Douglas Carl with Lisa Renee, both of Lakewood

SEPULVEDA/CARTER Julian Michael with Kelly Nicole, both of Tacoma

SHAFFER/SHAFFER Stacey Lynn with Thomas Joel, both of Graham

SHELBY/ROBINSON Keidra Shinik, Tacoma, with Charles Edward Jr., Lakewood

SMITH/IZHARI Bryan Patrick with Talya, both of University Place

SOKHA/VISHOOT Viranis, Tacoma, with Amanda Patricia, Puyallup

SOTO/CABANILLA Priscilla with Angel Luis, both of Tacoma

SPRINGER/JOHNSON Paula Ann, Fircrest, with Phillip Gene, Puyallup

STABNOW/EZELL Hannah Merie with Eric Raymond, both of Anchorage, Alaska

STEVE/WRENN Angela with James C., both of Tacoma

STONE/DONIO Robert Bradley with Denise Leah, both of Ruston

STRONG/PIERUCCI Jonathan Daniel with Cherie Amber, both of Tacoma

SWICK/NIEDERMAYER Joshua Dean, Graham, with Mallary Anne, Tacoma

TALMADGE/SKINNER Craig Edward with Katherine Mary, both of Fife

TREJO/MARTINEZ Mariela with Paramo Miguel A., both of Tacoma

TSCHETTER/WHORTON Timothy James with Erin Nicole, both of Tacoma

TUOHY/HARRINGTON Kyle Jordan with Anne Lorraine, both of Lakewood

TURNER/MACGOUGAN Timothy C. with Marla Lynn, both of Gig Harbor

ULLOA/BANKS Karla Alejandra with Jon Wayne, both of Tacoma

WELLE/NIEDERKORN Frank Anthony with Nicole Jean, both of Tacoma

WELLER/KNIGHT Elizabeth Palmer with Justin, both of Puyallup

WHEELER/STUBBS Richard Paul Jr. with Mallorie Lyn, both of Puyallup

WILLIAMSON/NESTOROV Joshua with Lilia, both of Puyallup

WILTSIE/VELAZQUEZ Edward M., Tacoma, with Elizabeth M., Centralia

WITKER/HAMMOND Kelsey Rae with Matthew Mahloch, both of Tacoma

WOLFORD/KATTIL Peter Balajadia, Puyallup, with Elizabeth Carla, Fort Riley, Kan.

WOODRING/McGRAW Rose E. with Ryan Patrick, both of University Place

WOODRUFF/CRUZ Paul Lynn with Cynthia Elaine, both of Orting